In The Field Of Concealment, STEALTH® Is Essential.

Imagine running a business whose success relies on being completely undetectable to the public. Ours does.

Today, society runs on wireless signal. User spurred and technology steered, the craving for connectivity fuels business and life. Driven by devices, the fast-growing wireless industry depends on antennas. And STEALTH® has spent 25 years making them disappear.


As the industry founder, we continuously strive to produce the highest quality and best performing concealment products, through world-class integration of dedicated employees, innovative design and cost effective materials.


Exceed all of our clients’ expectations. Make a difference in the lives of people. Demonstrate our position as the most innovative, creative and progressive company in the industry through every concealment built.

STEALTH Core Values

The customer comes first, even when it hurts. We act with honesty and integrity on all actions and decisions. Teamwork and communication are critical to our success along with all STEALTH team members who dedicate their work to quality.

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Concealment Revealed

How do you choose the right concealment partner? This guide will give you all the questions that you should be asking before starting your next site.


Concealment Illustrated

Our “family album”. Filled with all our concealment products, you’ll find examples of everything from rooftops and silos to steeples and crosses to small cell and DAS.

Small Cell Portfolio

Gather inspiration from our portfolio of small cell creations. Everything from poles to custom roof mounted structures to give inspiration on your next project.

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