Concealment Requires Helicopter


STEALTH Mt Blue Tower

Among the many unique concealments that STEALTH participates in every year, this is the first to require three different helicopters to assure a safe and successful installation. Read about the challenges faced with planning this tower and the overwhelming positive feedback from the community by clicking here. This new fire tower is installed within the beautiful Mount Blue State Park located in Maine and is absolutely breath taking!

More on the Monopencil from AGL

Unusual concealment? Absolutely! Not only is this monopencil serving as a historical landmark, but it also represents educational history for Liberty, MO. STEALTH partnered with Sabre to design and manufacture a concealment tower that would provide a solution that everyone would ultimately be happy with. Getting STEALTH involved is key when dealing with a challenging design. Afterall, we’ve been in the antenna concealment business longer than anyone else.

You can find this great article by viewing the October issue of AGL Magazine. AGL is a great source for keeping in touch with your wireless news, including DAS networks updates!

NextG’s DAS for Dame

NextG Networks, the leader in engineering & in the operation of cell networks, recently provided Notre Dame’s 11,479 students with a hidden technology that is truly out of site, out of mind for most campus spectators. Read their recent case study to learn more.

How’d they do that?

STEALTH is standing by to put together a concealment design for your DAS network. Check out our DAS Difference here.

DAS Happenings at Ole Miss

Why not have STEALTH design a concealment system for your DAS? We have participated in multiple DAS concealments for various stadiums and universities and would love to be a player in your game!

This lighting installation at Ole Miss is underway and lookin great! View the slide show at the University of Mississippi to see what they are saying about their new DAS concealments.

For more information, call us toll free at 800-755-0689.

STEALTH Interviewed by Post & Courier

Don’t miss STEALTH in this recent article: Cellphone reception goes Stealth to hear what is keeping us so busy this time of year. Author, Brendan Kearney gets the inside scoop on our sites unseen, to include some of our hidden DAS opportunities. PLUS, Kearney takes a tour of our North Charleston facility and has personal interviews with CEO, Sean McLernon and VP of Operations, Trey Nemeth.

Ordinary into Extraordinary

Ordinary to Extraordinary

At times, STEALTH will be asked to renovate or remodel an existing wireless concealment. For this particular project, we added our RF transparent panels above and below the existing concealment panels. Additionally, we gave the church a new look by re-texturing the entire church tower transforming this ordinary site into an extraordinary one. The final product not only provides an aesthetically pleasing look for the church, it also makes more money! Let STEALTH put their 20 years of expertise to work for you. Contact us today.