Does your pine need some TLC?

Don’t let your pine tree suffer…we can assist in bringing your tree back to life! Here is a site where we supplied our latest innovative pine branches to a 5 year old concealment tree. Our pine branches are designed as a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for new tree projects and any retrofit site such as this one. Can you believe the difference?

Let’s Adopt Some SOPS – ASAP

If you haven’t seen the May issue of AGL Magazine, you’ve got to check it out! On page 24, STEALTH CEO, Sean McLernon explains why SOPs is so important in the wireless industry.

“Integrating concealment with your strategy makes good business “cents”: How would you like to save 30 percent in hard costs and cut project time by 50 percent? This step will do just that.”

You don’t want to miss the chance to put your best face forward and learn how to plan right from the beginning.

DAS Technology

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is a growing wireless technology across the nation at many universities. According to this Campus Technology article, DAS is a result of the reduction in landlines coupled with the need for limitless bandwidth at the Texas A&M University. 

STEALTH has participated in many DAS concealment projects and can assist with any design challenges you may be faced with. The light pole shown in this article actually has the antenna exposed, whereas we will provide a suitable design to hide the antenna.  Contact your local Sales Representative today for more information or Click here to view our many successful DAS designs.