“It Doesn’t Work with LTE”…Really?

Recently, we heard a industry lawyer say, at a zoning meeting, that concealment won’t work with LTE modifications. Hah!! Nothing could be further from the truth. Properly designed and fabricated concealment works in all instances and is a useful and necessary tool for preserving cityscapes and closing gaps in coverage.

Don’t me misled.

The choice is yours, but you’re going to have to get educated about the options. Let us know if we can help.

Citizens of Montclair love the new STEALTH® Smokestack!

The citizens of Montclair, NJ seem to be happy with a new smokestack made by STEALTH®.  The smokestack, or “fauxstack”, as residents are calling it, sits adjacent to a football field and contains the town’s name. Montclair residents love how the concealment is different from other concealments, including water towers.

Check out these images of the STEALTH® smokestack in Montclair.

(The STEALTH® smokestack during construction)

 (The STEALTH® smokestack after completion)

 Check out the full article of what Montclair residents said about our tower at: http://www.baristanet.com/2012/08/holy-faux-smokestack/