The Heart

The heart is the core of the human body. Without a heart beat, a human would not have life. The heart of the concealment is the site information. Without the site information, antenna concealments could not be made.

Now we will begin showing you how a site comes to life.

The site we decided to bring to life is a school located in Washington, D.C., which is the heart of our project.

For this site we are quoting a rooftop screenwall antenna concealment. The ultimate goal of this site is to blend the rooftop mounted antennas in with the existing architecture of the building.

Each job that STEALTH quotes receives a unique job number. We assigned this site a job number of  VZ12-00901W-17.

Here is a before picture of the site.

Anatomy of an Antenna Concealment Project

Just like the human body, antenna concealment projects are made of up of many parts that come together and function as a whole. From proposal to delivery, we will show you everything that goes into making antenna concealment dreams come true.

Sit back, relax, and watch as we bring life to this site.

The first step in the concealment process, is the proposal. Whether you want to hide your antennas on a rooftop, on the side of a building, in a tree or on a pole, we can help. Simply fill out this form or contact your local Sales Representative to submit your information and receive your free quote. It’s that easy!

Once we receive a formal PO we can begin making your antenna concealment come to life.

Lost Tools Found

Mr. Contractor is happy to have found these tools:

-A diamond tipped blade to cut the FRP. Diamond tipped blades come in packs of three and are sold at Home Depot and other hardware stores and are relatively inexpensive.

-Contractor grade handheld grinders with metal cutting blade, 1/2″ drills with the right size drill bits, including drill bits for galvanized build up.

-Contractor grade handheld band saw with blades will make cutting square tube and bigger angles a snap.

STEALTH hopes these recommended tools will make your next antenna concealment installation a breeze.

Reward for Lost Tools

Your customer is eagerly awaiting the finished antenna concealment product. Don’t make them wait any longer. If you have the right tools, installation will be a breeze.

Make sure these tools are in your toolbox:


-A heavy duty drill with Reamer bits and a mag drill may also be necessary for rooftop antenna concealment jobs.

-Contractors will also need wrenches and sockets sized to the nuts and bolts specified for each individual job.

-Lastly, don’t forget to bring decent marking pens, like Sharpies, to mark stuff down. Pencils and pens will not work well on galvanized steel.

 Now go on and finish the installation. Remember, nothing is a better reward than a happy customer!

Let’s set the scene: you are a contractor for a site that has shipped and is ready for install. Do you have the proper tools necessary for the installation?

To assist you in installation, don’t lose these tools:

  • -Decent quality measuring tools to include different length measuring tapes and various levels.

  • -If you are installing a larger screenwall or tower you will want to have a transit or laser level. A digital level will also help show roof pitch.

  • -A contractor quality circular saw that has at least a 7 1/4″ blade. The saw also must include a new or relatively new tipped blade to cut the SSV panels.

Remember the antennas should be out of sight and out of mind, not your tools!