What Does the NFL Have to Hide?

Not only does STEALTH hide DAS Concealments in NFL stadiums, but we recently completed a screenwall  for the building that houses the NFL Network television station. We designed and manufactured three screenwall concealments for the site. Two screenwalls had a fluted concrete texture.

STEALTH manufactures a variety of rooftop concealments including screenwalls, side mounted boxes, and even concealment pods.

Here are some drawings and pictures of the NFL Building’s screenwall concealments.


A Steeple Chase?

Thanks for the shout out, Religious Product News! In an article in their December issue titled, “The Steeple Chase, Can Your Congregation Benefit from the Wireless Revolution?”, RPN made mention to STEALTH and our work in the antenna concealment industry.

In the article, Ken Wedholm, STEALTH’s Global Sales Manager, stated, ” ‘Every year, we build dozens of steeples for congregations all over the country…We’ve been so successful that congregants can’t tell, from one Sunday to the next that we’ve completely overhauled their steeple or clock tower.’ “

STEALTH has been a leader in the steeple concealment business for over 20 years. Let us hide your antennas today!

A DAS-y 2013

According to AGL Magazine, 2013 will be a big year for DAS.

J. Sharpe Smith, CEO of Axwell Wireless, states that in 2013 we will see more integration of DAS and Wi-Fi.

“The next generation DAS networks that we are working on in our labs will go much further in that regard. It just makes sense for DAS and Wi-Fi to become integrated,” Sharped states.

With DAS ever evolving, the need for DAS concealment is growing too. STEALTH® specializes in DAS systems concealment. From stadiums to lightpoles, we can conceal DAS systems just about anywhere.

For Rent: Church Steeple

Did you know churches often rent out their steeples to cell phone carriers? Last week, CBS San Francisco  wrote an article titled, “Churches Increasingly Rent Out Steeples As Cellphone Towers”. The article centered around something STEALTH has been doing for 20 years: steeple concealment.

“Church steeples make an excellent location for a cell site,” said John Britton of AT&T. “You have nice location on it. It’s giving good connectivity and people don’t even see it.”

STEALTH is the leader and founder of the concealment industry. Whether you are looking to conceal a cell tower in an existing steeple, or are looking for a new steeple concealment, we can help you. The STEALTH engineers can help design and manufacture a steeple to fit your concealment needs.