Ravens, 49ers, and DAS?

Were you lucky enough to score tickets to the Super Bowl in New Orleans? If so, you can now send pictures, tweet, text and call a lot easier during your stay in NOLA.

According to Nola.com, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon have all upgraded their systems in anticipation for the big event. T-Mobile said in a statement, ““We’ve significantly enhanced voice and data capacity on our 4G network in areas in and around New Orleans where high traffic is expected, such as the Central Business District, downtown area and Weidenberg Park.”

AT&T recently installed three new DAS systems around the Superdome. Verizon also installed DAS systems around the Superdome prior to the 2011 BCS National Championship game and hopes to utilize these systems for the Super Bowl.

During your stay in New Orleans, see if you can find this STEALTH DAS pole.

 DAS Concealment


University of DAS

Calling all campus officials, you will not want to miss this webinar. ACUTA and the DAS Forum have come together to bring you a webinar titled, “Improving Wireless Connectivity in Your Campus Community”.

The webinar will take place Wednesday, January 30 at 2 pm EST and will , “explore proven strategies for designing, constructing, deploying and maintaining Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).” Panelists will include experts from AT&T, Connectivity Wireless, American Tower, and iBWave.

This webinar can answer all of your questions regarding DAS. What is it? How it works?

If you are thinking about installing DAS on your college campus, register here today!


Did You Hear?

STEALTH was mentioned in an article on Wireless Estimator. In the article, titled “How concealment companies and preservationists can strike a balance in wireless siting”, STEALTH CEO, Sean McLernon offered valuable tips for a successful concealment

Part of his bits of wisdom included this, “Success relies not always on a rational argument, but on some emotional intelligence. Determine what it will take to get to ‘yes’ and reverse engineer a solution.”

What did you think of the article? Do you like Sean’s secret to success?

A New Steeple for the New Year

This church in California received a new steeple concealment just in time for the new year. The church, located in Lake Elsnore, CA, is in the final phases of installing a new louvered steeple concealment.

For over 20 years, STEALTH has assisted numerous churches in taking old, weathered steeples, and making them truly a work of art. Visit our gallery to see other examples of steeple concealments.

Check out these before and after shots.

Steeple ConcealmentSteeple Concealment


UniteDAS Center?

It is now easier for Chicago Bulls fans to talk on the phone, surf the web, and use their favorite social media app all while watching their team play. The United Center recently installed a DAS system resulting in better coverage throughout their facility.

Currently, AT&T is the only carrier utilizing the DAS system in the United Center, but according to article posted on redeyeChicago, “The DAS is neutral, meaning that other carriers will also be able to use the system to improve their service if they’re interested.”

STEALTH can hide your DAS concealments. To see examples of previous DAS Concealments done by STEALTH click here.


Get Inside the Steeple

More and more people are learning about concealments in church belltowers and steeples. News is spreading fast regarding these concealments. STEALTH has been designing and manufacturing steeple and bell tower concealments for over 20 years.

A recent article on PR Web stated, “STEALTH’S artists are masters at verisimilitude and have two decades of experience blending concealments with their surroundings. Pastor Martin Scales, leader of one of STEALTH’s recent site locations, noted of the antennas: ‘Nobody can tell that they’re there unless they’re sharp-eyed and looking for them.'”

 If your church isn’t in need of a steeple, there are other options available. STEALTH can design and manufacture bell towers, cupolas, and even crosses. Visit our gallery to see examples of our various church concealments.

Bowling With DAS

Are you one of the lucky ones going to Miami for the BCS National Championship game? If so, thanks to DAS, you may have better coverage in the stadium.

AT&T stated in a press release, “AT&T has revamped its Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, at the stadium by adding 4G LTE technology and additional antennas. The upgrades are expected to more than triple voice and data capacity, as well as help increase coverage and data speeds inside the venue.”

AT&T Florida President Marshall Criser stated, “We know football fans at the stadium will want to use their smartphones to share photos, videos and texts during the big games with friends back home.”

Who will you be pulling for in Miami, Notre Dame or the University of Alabama?