Climbing the Concealment

Do you love the mountains? If so, you may want to check out this site on Mount Blue in Maine.

The Mount Blue custom tower concealment in Avon, ME includes an observation deck. STEALTH designed the tower so anyone and everyone could climb the tower and enjoy the view.

The sky was seriously the limit for this concealment. STEALTH utilized helicopters to put the concealment in place. This custom concealment in truly one of a kind and is definitely something you will want to check out!

Click here to see a video of a family climbing the tower!

Working in a Water Tank?

Don’t give the citizens of Watauga, TX a funny look when they say they work in a water tank because, in fact they actually do. And now thanks to new wireless antennas, and STEALTH’s help with the concealment, citizens of Watauga will now have better reception and never know the antennas exist.

Raise the Roof

It’s a box, it’s a television, it’s a rooftop? STEALTH is currently fabricating a rooftop concealment for a site in Philadelphia, PA.

At first glance, this site looks like a giant television. The picture below shows the rooftop concealment propped up on it’s side. In order to paint the bottom of the concealment we must prop it up.

Antenna Concealment

The drawings show what the site will look like upon its completion. The Philadelphia skyline will soon receive a touch of STEALTH!

Screenwall Concealment

Big News for US Cellular

If you haven’t heard of US Cellular you might want to take notes.

In an article posted on RCR Wireless, US Cellular, a regional wireless operator, announced it is expanding its LTE service to more than 3800 towns and cities.  These new markets include: Omaha, NE, Eureka and Ukia, CA, as well as Manhattan, KS.

As carriers, like US Cellular, expand, the need for concealment grows.  More and more landlords and property owners are requesting antennas be concealed. For over 20 years, STEALTH has been the leader in the antenna concealment business. If you need an antenna concealed, contact us today!

California Here We Come…

STEALTH will be back in California this week.

California Wireless Association, or Calwa as it is known, is hosting an Education and Networking event in Irvine, CA on Thursday, February 21. Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of PCIA (The Wireless Infrastructure Association) will be the key note speaker. STEALTH will be in attendance and sponsoring this event. Please come find us and say hi. We love to see all of our California friends.

Awesome & Not So Awesome

Some sites are so awesome want to shout about them from the rooftops, and some sites are so bad we want to cover our eyes.

We can’t help but brag a little. We love what we do and we want to share it. Don’t laugh at us if we climb on the roof next to these rooftop concealments and shout out about how awesome of job we did.

Rooftop Concealment

Rooftop Concealment


There are some sites that make us want to cover our eyes. Over time some concealments can become not so awesome due to poor maintenance and weathering. You may want to cover your eyes for this picture.

Rooftop Concealment


VaWa, Calwa, and Mardi Gras

STEALTH had the pleasure to attend and sponsor three different wireless association events last week.

On Wednesday, we attended and sponsored the Virginia Wireless Association’s Quarter 1 Luncheon. The Luncheon was held in Richmond, Va and featured numerous panelists. Also on Wednesday, STEALTH had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring California Wireless Association’s Northern California Mixer in Dublin, CA. In total about 70 people were in attendance. STEALTH enjoyed meeting attendees, even though tight quarters made it a little harder to mix and mingle.

On Thursday, STEALTH sponsored and attended the Louisiana/Mississippi Mardi Gras event in New Orleans. The event was held at an inn right in the middle of the French Quarter. The event was a good way to kick off Mardi Gras and raise awareness for antenna concealment.

Where will STEALTH’s World Tour stop at next? Stay tuned…

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from the California Wireless Association’s mixer.

Rooftop Concealment