Calling California…

You won’t hear a Northern California resident complain about a dropped call!

In an article in the Business Journal, AT&T reported major wireless upgrades in the Fresno, California area. The upgrades included adding new cell sites and enhancing existing sites. AT&T also deployed distributed antenna systems, or DAS systems to the area.

According to the article, “As a result of its investment, AT&T reported that its network kept 99 percent of all Fresno-area wireless calls connected during the fourth quarter of 2012.”

AT&T’s upgrades mean more concealments are necessary. New antennas must be hidden and existing concealment sites, may need to be upgraded to hide and blend the new, larger antennas AT&T is deploying.

STEALTH is the leader in antenna concealment. We are currently, and always have been, the first in concealment!

Did You See Us?

Did you see us at the AGL Regional Conference in Atlanta this past Friday, March 22nd?

Ken Wedholm, STEALTH’s Eastern/Global Sales Manager, spoke on a panel at the show. Ken did an amazing job. Here is a picture of him speaking.

rooftop concealment


Look for us this Thursday, March 28th in New York City for the DAS & Small Cell Conference!

Can DAS Systems Cause Cancer?

The answer to this question is no!

According to the Sun Sentinel, residents of Lauderhill, FL are concerned that new DAS antennas in their backyards could lead to cancer despite research showing DAS antennas pose no health risk whatsoever.

The article states that Crown Castle is adding up to 350 new antennas in South Florida.

Don’t want to look at DAS antennas? That’s where we come in. STEALTH specializes in DAS concealments. Whether you need to hide DAS systems by a school, or inside a building or arena. We can help! Our DAS concealments hide antennas so most citizens won’t even know they are there!


Look for STEALTH at AGL’s Regional Conference in Atlanta on Friday, March 22nd!

Come find our table, introduce yourself to us, and see how we can help you with your concealment needs!

Won’t be in Atlanta for this event? Don’t worry STEALTH will be attending and exhibiting at all of AGL’s Regional Conferences throughout the country in 2013. We look forward to seeing you there!

Up on the Rooftop…

STEALTH not only specializes in DAS Concealments for large venues, but we also specialize in rooftop concealments for these venues.

STEALTH can provide a rooftop concealment to match your needs. Whether your site requires a side mounted box, screenwall, or cupola concealment, we can help!

Check out this recently completed rooftop concealment in Tampa. For this site we provided a large side mounted box.

Rooftop Concealment

Let’s Start Cooking!

Good news! Our sample and mock up for our Atlanta hotel were approved!

The customer liked our side mounted box mock up and is ready for us to start fabricating the boxes. Before we can fully embark upon fabrication, we must first complete all necessary drawings.

For this site, our customer is requesting final engineering drawings in addition to fabrication drawings. These drawings help guide our fabrication team.

This project is getting hot! Check back next week to how our steak is cooking!

Need Girl Scout Cookies…There’s an App for That!

‘Tis the season for Girl Scout Cookies. Getting your hands on your favorite thin mints or peanut butter patties just got a little bit easier.

AT&T announced that Girl Scouts of American now have a new app for locating Girl Scout Cookies. According to AT&T’s website, “If you’re looking for last minute treats, download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App for iOS and Android. The GPS-based booth locator will direct you to the closest Scout in your area. Get ‘em before they’re gone!”

It seems there is an app for just about everything these days, cookies included!

Lighting Up the Ole Miss Campus

If you are walking around the Ole Miss Campus, you may or may not, notice something new.

STEALTH recently concealed DAS antennas in banner poles and light poles around the Ole Miss campus. These poles are a win win for the Ole Miss campus. Students can now get better reception without adding an eyesore to the historical college campus. These new poles blend in with their surroundings, leading many people to not even notice they are there.

Check out these photos of DAS banner poles at Ole Miss.

light pole concealmentlight pole concealment

STEALTH is on the Road Again…

STEALTH’s World Tour will be making two stops this week in New Jersey and Nevada.

Thursday, March 14th, will be a very busy day for the STEALTH team. We will be attending and sponsoring New Jersey Wireless Association’s Educational Event in Florham Park, NJ.  STEALTH will also be in attendance at the Nevada Wireless Association’s Small Cell Seminar in Las Vegas, NV.

Come find us at these events and let us know what is going on with your present and future concealments. We would love to hear it!