Let Us Paint You a Portrait

Could you be a STEALTH customer?

At first glance, you may think you are not a typical STEALTH customer, but you could be wrong. Let us paint you a portrait of our customer base.

Our customer base is not a one size fits all. Our customers come from a variety of industries, companies, and locations. Here is a sampling of our customer base:


-Turf Vendors

-Architecture and Engineering Firms

-Site Owners

-General Contractors

College Facilities Directors

Stadium Facilities Directors


STEALTH even provides concealments for international sites. We’ve provided concealments to customers as far away as Australia.

The wireless industry customer base is only growing as the need for more towers and antennas grows. You may not currently have an antenna concealment in the works, but you could in the future!



Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Take a look at this Texas sized tower concealment that is receiving its finishing touches!

The 126 ft tall three-legged tower will also serve as a sign for the city of Wichita Falls’ Weeks Park Golf and Tennis Center. Wichita Falls can now receive better signal without even knowing the antennas are there!

tower concealment tower concealmentTower Concealmenttower concealment

Beaching it this Weekend?

Are you going on a vacation or a staycation this Memorial Day Weekend? If you are heading out to the beach this weekend you can now talk, text, and Tweet without seeing unsightly antennas thanks to these “beachy” antenna concealments.

rooftop concealment

Palm Tree Concealment


rooftop concealment

Rooftop Concealment in North Myrtle Beach, SC


Rooftop Concealment

Rooftop Railing Concealment on Kiawah Island, SC

rooftop concealment
Chimney Concealment in Goleta, CA

pole concealments

Flagpole in Nantucket, MA


The Sky’s the Limit

Hiking up Mt. Blue in Maine, just became a little more fun.

Nestled high upon the mountain is a tower that resembles a ranger station. This concealment tower not only houses antennas, but also houses microwave dishes. The concealment tower even has an observation deck. Visitors can climb the stairs and view the mountain.

STEALTH’s Design Team designed every nut, bolt, and panel to this concealment. Using an AutoCAD software, our designer details all aspects of the concealment in the video below:

<p><iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/S0evne7XthU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

DC, Golfing, and Ghosts?

Thank you to all those who introduced themselves to us at the DC DAS and Small Cell Social. Congratulations to our door prize winner, Thomas Dunn, of Communication Electronics. Look for us at the next Northeast DAS and Small Cell Forum event in Boston on July 17th.

Rooftop Concealment

Thomas Dunn and Ken Wedhold (STEALTH’s Regional Sales Manager)

STEALTH also enjoyed golfing at the Carolina Wireless Association’s Annual Golf Tournament in Pinehurst, NC.

Look for us this week visiting CTIA. We will also be attending Nevada Wireless Association and Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum’s Social at the Ghost Bar in Las Vegas, NV Tuesday, May 21st. Be there or be square!


The Forecast Calls for Trees

Tree concealments are some of the most popular, yet most controversial types of antenna concealment available.

Recently, the Weather Channel, reported on tree concealments. The gallery with the article displayed some good tree concealments, but also some bad tree concealments. The article states, “As you can see in the photos above, some of the towers take on a nearly identical look to surrounding trees while others are so poorly concealed that they probably should have just been left undressed.”

Trees are an option when planning your next concealment, but not the only option. Flag poles, light poles, and monopoles are other good options available. Perhaps, a custom concealment like a bell tower or smokestack may lend itself to the aesthetics of your community.

STEALTH specializes in custom concealments. Contact us today for a free quote for your site!


SPOT is Here!

Making your concealment sample perfect the first time just got easier. SPOT, or Sample Process One Time, is designed to take the guesswork out of the sample process.

In an article on PR Web, STEALTH CEO Sean McLernon states, ” ‘Over the years, we learned that matching a brick red based on a phone conversation is an exercise in futility.’ “

Now all concealment customers have to do  is take a few quick pictures with SPOT against their existing site, send them to us and we do the rest. Long gone are the days of color fan decks.

To request your copy of SPOT, simply email SPOT@stealthsite.com. For more information on how to use SPOT, please click here to see our instructional video.

rooftop concealment

Let’s Paint!

STEALTH specializes in custom concealments.

To ensure our concealments will match the existing site, we use a sample of the site. Our in-house artist, then matches the colors and patterns of the existing site to our new concealment.

Check out the process below!


Changing Names…

DAS Forum no more!

The DAS Forum announced that they are changing their name to reflect their diversity. The DAS Forum will now be known as the HetNet Forum.

HetNet, or heterogenous networks, is a more universal name. An article in AGL’s DAS Bulletin states, “The HetNet Forum said its new name reflects its increasingly diverse membership and its focus on advancing the variety of small cell solutions — DAS, microcells, picocells, Wi-Fi and remote radio units.”

STEALTH frequently sponsors and attends the DAS Forum/HetNet Forum events including DAS in Action and the Wireless Infrastructure Show.