Our Three Wishes

Everyone’s heard the age old question, “if you could have three wishes what would they be?”. Here is STEALTH’s three wishes:

1. Our first wish would be for more rooftop concealments. STEALTH loves rooftop concealments. Rooftop concealments can be turned around and installed quickly and can provide the best overall architectural appeal.
2. Our next wish would be for more custom tower concealments. Custom tower concealments can provide a community centerpiece and can help appease both community members and carriers.
3. Lastly, we wish for more DAS concealments. As more and more carriers deploy Distributed Antenna Systems on campuses and venues around the country, the need for DAS concealments should increase. DAS concealments can hide antennas in the most prominent of venues.

It’s now your turn to answer the age old question…”what are your three wishes?”.

A Cell Tower to Be Proud of

Can a cell tower be an asset to a community and not an eyesore?

Absolutely, according to Southeastern Missiourian editor John Heuer.

Proposed cell towers are often slighted due to community members believing the tower will be an eyesore or lower property values. There is no doubt, that many non-concealed sites are eye sores and do potentially lower property values. Making your next cell tower concealed, could help gain the support of your community.

According to Heuer’s editor’s note regarding a proposed Cape Girardeau flagpole concealment, “The opposition claims the proposed tower will lower property values and will be an eyesore. The proposed cell tower can be only a positive addition to the area. How can a beautiful lighted flagpole with the Missouri state flag or majestic American flag, which represents every piece of history, waving proudly over a historical district that was the foundation of our community, decrease property values or be an eyesore? Most residents would be proud to have the ultimate symbol of our freedom flying in their neighborhood in this fashion.”

Contact STEALTH to see how we can make your next cell tower a centerpiece and not an eyesore!

Is a Rooftop Concealment On Your Hotel?

Hotels are often some of the largest structures in cities, that’s why it makes sense that many carriers will locate their antennas on the rooftops of many hotels.

By locating antennas at specific elevations, carriers are able to provide better coverage to those areas that were once considered “dead”.

Most hotel builders, owners, and city officials do not want to see ugly antennas on the tops of their hotels. Think about the last time you booked a room at a hotel. To avoid staying in a dump, you probably reviewed the pictures of the hotel (interior and exterior) before booking it. Hotel owners do not want you to see antennas on the roof.

STEALTH designs rooftop concealments for many hotels. From screenwall concealments to chimney concealments, our rooftop concealments are able to match the existing architecture of the hotel. In fact, there maybe a rooftop concealment on the next hotel you stay in and you probably will never notice it.

Check out this rooftop concealment that STEALTH recently completed at a hotel.


rooftop concealment

The Hottest Thing…

What’s the hottest thing in antenna concealment right now? DAS concealments and small cell concealments.

Many colleges and universities are scrambling to install new DAS antennas on their campuses at their stadiums prior to classes starting and football season beginning. Even NFL teams are getting in on the action.

These new distributed antenna systems many times require concealment. STEALTH provides DAS concealments for stadiums. We have provided our DAS clients with vomitory boxes, flagpoles, medallion boxes, scoreboard boxes.


Mickey, Minnie, and DAS?

AT&T recently announced they will be the official wireless carrier for Walt Disney World Parks in Orlando, Florida.

According to the Orlando Sentinel the agreement includes, “Ten cell sites across Walt Disney World Resort; more than 25 distributed antenna systems to increase wireless capacity; more than 350 so-called “small cells” to extend network connectivity; and more than 40 repeaters to boost the mobile performance for both guests and Disney cast members.”

Now families can instantly share photos and videos of their Disney adventure, all while still being able to text and talk.

Most park visitors will never know the antennas are there.

Happy New Friends Day!

STEALTH loves our customers. We strive to make our customers feel at ease when ordering antenna concealments for their site.We love to see new customers become repeated customers. Ordering your first antenna concealment may be a tad confusing at first. We hope to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

As a new friend of STEALTH, we will walk you through the process of ordering your antenna concealment. Don’t have a design yet for your site? Don’t worry, STEALTH can help from the design phase, through fabrication and shipping. We hope new friends of STEALTH, become lifelong friends of STEALTH.

Did You Know…

Did you know that 75% of all pro teams have added DAS to their venues in the last three years?

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, DAS can be found in:

-Marlins Park in Miami, FL

-Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY

-Michigan Stadium, in Ann Arbor, MI

-Jordan Hare Stadium at the University of Auburn, in Auburn, AL

DAS can also be found in smaller venues like the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI (home to Providence University’s basketball team and a minor league hockey team.).

Crain’s Chicago Business spoke with wireless carrier, ExteNet Systems, Inc regarding their DAS projects. The article states, “And as more fans make smartphones part of their game-watching experience with LTE technology — the latest standard in mobile technology — ExteNet aims to capitalize by upgrading distributed antenna systems and charging higher rents as carriers aim to provide the best coverage for their customers.”

STEALTH specializes in DAS concealments for indoor and outdoor facilities. We understand distributed antenna systems are expensive, that is why we will hide your systems out of sight of unruly fans. Rowdy fans won’t even know your antennas exist.


Happy National Cow Appreciation Day!

What do cows and STEALTH have in common?

Cows live on farms and farms are great places for silo concealments. Silo concealments work great in very rural environments, like farms. They do not jeopardize the architecture of the area, but provide cell phone coverage to many areas, who without the cell tower, would have no coverage whatsoever.

If you already have an existing silo on your site, STEALTH can fabricate an extension to house the new antennas and new dome for your silo. Or, if you site is on raw land, STEALTH can fabricate a full silo from the ground up to house your antennas.

Let’s get MOOving on your next concealment!

We’re Growing!

As our company grows, our the demand for more space also grows.

We are expanding from our 11,000 square feet manufacturing and office facility to a new 68,000 square feet space located at 3034-A Ashley Phosphate Road, N. Charleston, SC 29418.

In a Press Release on PR Web, STEALTH’s CEO, Sean McLernon, states, “The world’s voracious appetite for strong signal has fostered dramatic growth here…Our shop floor is working over time to keep up with demand.”

What does this mean to you? It means we now have more resources and space available to get you your concealment in a faster, more efficient manner.