STEALTH recently completed DAS concealments for Ohio State University just in time for football season.

For the DAS concealment project, STEALTH provided (12) side-mounted boxes for the Horseshoe Stadium in Columbus, OH.

Of the (12) boxes, STEALTH provided two side mounted boxes located under the scoreboard that are painted black; two radius side mounted located above the “Ball On” sign and the “Down” sign also painted black; four single tunnel boxes that are painted a single tan color; and four split tunnel boxes that are mounted beside an existing time clock and contain a decal with the section number.

Take a look at these awesome DAS concealments!

rooftop concealment


rooftop concealment

LTE Boom!

LTE deployment boomed in the second quarter. T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint all reported massive second quarter deployments.

According to an article on AGL’s website, T-Mobile upped their LTE deployment from seven major metropolitan markets in March to 116 major metropolitan markets by the end of July. They exceeded their mid-year goal of covering 100 million people. As of the end of July, T-Mobile covered a whooping 156 million people!

AT&T also expanded their LTE deployment. AT&T currently reaches over 225 million people and is on schedule to serve over 270 million people by year’s end! They will also expand their LTE coverage to over 300 markets.

Sprint’s LTE footprint is also growing. Sprint announced they deployed LTE to an additional 6,500 sites in the second quarter for a total of 20,000 sites in a 151 cities! They are hoping to reach their goal of 200 million people covered by the end of 2013.

What does all this mean for antenna concealment? It means now more than ever, antenna concealment is needed! As new sites are built, and old sites are upgraded for new LTE equipment, STEALTH will be there to provide our customers with the latest and greatest antenna concealment.

Flashback Friday: Remember this Rooftop Concealment?

With over 20 years in the antenna concealment business, STEALTH has seen antenna concealment evolve.

One of the biggest changes in antenna concealments revolves around rooftop concealment. Rooftop concealments are no longer composed of wooden boxes, but today are composed of RF friendly material that can be painted virtually any color and textured to match any surface.

Take a look at this rooftop concealment located in San Diego, CA that STEALTH manufactured back in 2000.rooftop concealment

See How We Can Cover Your DAS™

Covering your DAS just got a little easier.

STEALTH® recently launched CoverYourDAS.com. This new website contains everything you need to know for your next DAS concealment projects. Whether you want to know more about DAS concealment in general, DAS for campuses or stadiums, or about STEALTH’s process, it is all there.

Need ideas for your DAS concealment? Check out our DAS gallery which contains pictures and descriptions of our past DAS projects.

Check back soon to see a virtual tour of recent DAS installation at Ole Miss’ campus!

What a Year!

A lot has changed for STEALTH in a year’s time.

As we are now officially halfway into 2013, we want to look back and reflect how much has changed in the past year.

For starters, we recently upgraded our manufacturing and office facilities. We are now proud to call a 60,000 square foot facility home. We can now better serve our customers as efficiently as possible.

STEALTH now has more tools available to help you with your next antenna concealment. Navigating the antenna concealment maze can be daunting at first. We at STEALTH want to make it as easy as possible for you. If you are new to antenna concealment, you can download our Antenna Concealment Handbook here. If you want to know more about STEALTH check our Snapshot here.

Where will STEALTH be a year from now? One thing is for sure we will only be getting bigger and better.

DAS…Not Just for Football

With football season right around the corner, many stadiums are rushing to upgrade their distributed antenna systems.

Did you know that American Football stadiums aren’t the only stadiums installing DAS? Many futbol, or as we American’s call it, soccer, stadium’s are also starting to install distributed antenna systems.

In the past, many MLS soccer teams have had a hard time retaining their own stadium, but Kansas City Sporting is starting a new trend in MLS stadiums. The Sporting is drawing fans in and retaining them on their own merit.

Kansas City Sporting Park was built in 2010 and 2011 and costed an estimated $200 million.

Part of the construction included installing DAS. According to the Kansas City Business Journal, “The stadium is outfitted with Wi-Fi, a ‘distributed antenna system’ and other in-stadium technology to improve the fans’ ability to communicate with the team and share in the game-day experience.It’s a reversal from the team dictating the fan’s experience, Knight said, to the fans dictating the team’s experience.”

So now you can Tweet that “Goooooooooooal” even faster than before!



Redding’s Newest Residence

Redding, CT’s newest resident is a 180 foot monopole concealment.

The monopole concealment is installed, but not yet operational. The monopole currently houses AT&T antennas.

In an article in the Redding Post, “First Selectman Natalie Ketcham said on Monday that David Vivian of New Cingular Wireless emailed that the tower is stacked and all of AT&T’s installation is complete. However, Mr. Vivian said the utility company has not yet completed its installation, ‘so the tower is not yet operational. We expect it may be another month or so, although this is something beyond our control.'”

The monopole was originally designed to be a flagpole, but due to noise concerns surrounding the lanyards hitting the pole the town decided to against it.

STEALTH designed and fabricated the top section of the monopole including: a steel support pipe, concealment cylinders, and mounting hardware.

Click here to view a photo of the completed site.

Cover Your DAS™ University of Arizona!

Good news for University of Arizona students, alumni, and fans, you can now text, talk, and Tweet a lot easier thanks to new distributed antenna systems (DAS).

As if the Arizona isn’t hot enough, University of Arizona now has the hottest antenna system on the market.

According to an article on Daily Finance, Boingo Wireless will design, build, and manage the DAS networks. The article states, “The first phase of the Boingo DAS network deployment will deliver comprehensive cellular coverage throughout the 56,000-seat Arizona Stadium, including all fan areas and the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, as well as the nearby student residence halls.”

Many colleges and universities around the country are installing DAS networks around their campuses and stadiums. As more young adults head off to college, the need for DAS networks is increasing.

STEALTH designs DAS concealments to blend seamlessly in with the surrounding campus or stadium. From old historic buildings, to modern buildings on campuses, STEALTH can design a concealment to match the surrounding architecture. STEALTH will Cover Your DAS™.