What’s the Future Like for DAS?

The future looks BIG for DAS.

According to an article by Joe Madden for FierceWireless, by 2023 DAS could potentially be in 100 million buildings!

Madden states that distributed antenna systems are attractive because it can include WiFi, is preferred by city governments, can incorporate small cells,  and is quicker than towers.

Currently outdoor DAS, or ODAS is more prevalent than indoor DAS, but the need for indoor DAS could increase dramatically as more and more people realize the benefits of distributed antenna systems.

According to Madden,

“The bottom line is that a big part of the world needs DAS. The industry has started with stadiums and airports. As we run out of stadiums to cover, we will be turning to convention centers, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, and other areas. Over time, Mobile Experts predicts that the cost of DAS equipment will come down, making the ROI more attractive for building owners, operators, and the neutral hosting companies. There may be only about 100 blockbuster stadiums in the world, but there are millions of buildings that fall into the other vertical markets. “

Photo courtesy of FierceWireless

Photo courtesy of FierceWireless


Where Did All the Students Go?

Have you watched or attended a college football game lately and looked around the stadium and wondered, “why is it so empty?”.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal took note of a rather empty looking University of Georgia student section during the University of North Texas game. According to the Wall Street Journal, “As it turns out, Georgia students left empty 39% of their designated sections of Sanford Stadium over the last four seasons, according to school records of student-ticket scans.”

Why is student ticket usage declining at UGA? It’s not due to lack of winning seasons. In fact, UGA has played for the SEC Championship the last two years. One firm is investigating just why this is happening.

One theory being looked at closely is the theory of lack of cell reception. The Wall Street Journal states, “As the service is right now, many stadiums are such dead zones that ‘you can’t text, Instagram or tweet,’ said Georgia senior Kim Baltenberger.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for WiFi (and DAS) is far greater in college than in the NFL. With college students become more attached to their phones and technology, there becomes a greater need for better reception.

More and more students are choosing to only go to bigger games, like this weekend’s UGA vs LSU game.

Students should be able to enjoy the games and not have to worry about not having cell reception.

Cell Towers=$$$

One Florida County is realizing that cell towers in their community could equal more money for the the county.

According to Florida Today, “New cell phone towers could be taking on an unconventional look in Brevard County, disguised as pine trees or flagpoles, under new plans under consideration by county officials. Additionally, the county is considering getting into the cell tower business, and making money from cell phone companies by renting space on them.”

The amount of money generated for each carrier on a cell tower per year, could be anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 which in turn could generate millions of dollars of income for the county.

So the next time you think about opposing a new cell tower, think of the money it could generate for your city or county. It may be worth it in the end.

What’s Taking So Long?!

Cell towers, including custom towers, flagpoles, and monopoles, often take some time before they are ever installed.

Many times cell tower and concealment installations are delayed due to zoning requirements and building permits. This delay could last any where from a few months to a few years, leaving many customers wondering what is going on.

Recently, residents of Tabernacle, NJ were left to wonder if their cell tower would ever be installed.

According to South Jersey’s The Central Record, “Residents of the Medford Farms section of Tabernacle are scratching their heads wondering what happened to the proposed cell tower at the Nuebert’s Automotive site along Route 206. Construction has not yet begun on the tower, which was approved by Tabernacle’s land development board after a lengthy debate and legal action in 2011.”

In this case, and in others like it, the zoning process took a great length of time as the tower was initially struck down, then brought upon a judge, who then gave the green light for construction.



More Praise for STEALTH!

STEALTH loves our customers. We strive everyday to make sure we have the happiest customers around.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about STEALTH:

“I have worked with STEALTH for over 18 years, starting as AT&T RF manager, followed by Director at nTelos and also in Florida. Most recently I have worked with Michael Harvey on small cell projects for Verizon Wireless in Southern VA. I have both a high general satisfaction with STEALTH as well as a high respect for Michael on our most recent projects including creative solutions at resorts and downtown areas. DAS projects are also an area that I envision STEALTH use.”–Jon Cooper of GDN Sites

Hello Texas Tech & Penn State

Two major universities announced new DAS installations for their football stadiums.

Texas Tech and Penn State recently completed DAS installations to enhance coverage for fans. The distributed antenna systems were installed just in time for football season.

According to Texas Tech’s website the DAS installation was part of AT&T’s Project Velocity IP. ” ‘With initiatives like Project VIP, we’re continuing to invest in the wireless network, and providing enhanced wireless coverage at Jones AT&T Stadium is just one way that we’re investing in Lubbock,’ ” states  Adam Vital, Vice President/General Manager AT&T North Texas.

The Nittany Lions of Penn State also announced a DAS installation among other enhancements. Like Texas Tech, the distributed antenna systems will provide coverage for AT&T users.

STEALTH specializes in DAS concealments for large venues like college and professional stadiums. Check out CoverYourDAS.com to see examples of our work!

A STEALTHtember to Remember

It’s going to be a busy month for STEALTH®!

Make sure you look for us this month at these events:

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