Everyday is Halloween….

Everyday is Halloween at STEALTH.

Dressing up cell towers and antennas is our thing. We can make a costume for any cell tower or antenna.

Need a rooftop concealment to hide your antenna?. STEALTH will make a screenwall “costume” to hide the spookiest of antennas.

We can even dress up your cell towers. Want you cell tower to be patriotic? We can make a flagpole concealment for that. Does your cell tower need to look more rural? We can make a silo concealment to match the rural landscape. We can even make your cell tower look like a tree to blend in with the forest. (Rumor has it tree costumes are all the rage this Halloween.)

How do you want to dress you antennas or cell towers?


STEALTH let some razorbacks loose in our facility today, razorback concealments that is.

STEALTH is currently fabricating DAS concealments for the University of Arkansas Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Each DAS concealment is designed to house a flagpole with a medallion surrounding the pole. Each medallion has the Razorback logo mounted to it.

The flagpole and medallion DAS concealment design is becoming a very popular design for stadiums. By mounting the DAS antennas to the top of the stadium, fans and students will have reception throughout the stadium. With the help of STEALTH, the antennas will be mounted behind the concealment and out of reach of rowdy fans.

Check out the progress of this site!

DAS ConcealmentDAS Concealment


If You Can’t See Us…

Then we are doing our job.

Recently STEALTH completed DAS concealments at the University of Missouri’s football stadium. Below are drawings showing some of our concealments.

DAS Concealment

Sasha McMillin of GME Supply recently attended a University of Missouri football game and had this to say about our DAS concealment, “…We talked about how you guys changed the Mizzou tiger scoreboard with your technology. I was at the game on Saturday and looked and looked and could not tell the difference. I was directly across the stadium.”




Mandatory DAS?

DAS and Wi-Fi will become mandatory at every NFL stadium around the country.

According to Sports Business Journal, all NFL stadiums must meet a minimum threshold for Wi-Fi and cellular coverage by the end of the 2014 season.  The exact minimum threshold is to be determined, but the ultimate goal is for NFL fans to be able to enjoy technology as if they were at home.

Currently, 21 out of 30 NFL stadiums have installed some sort of DAS or Wi-Fi system. However, not all of the 21 stadiums will meet the minimum threshold demands, meaning systems will need to be upgraded by the 2014 deadline, and those that do not have DAS or Wi-Fi systems will need to install them.

Why the sudden demand for venues to meet a minimum threshold for Wi-Fi and DAS? Not only does it make fans more eager to attend events, but it helps with marketing capabilities.

According to SBJ, ” ‘We put minimum standards and metrics in place so not only do clubs know how our Wi-Fi is performing and to hold [cellular] carriers accountable, but also [it gives] us analytics for what our fans are doing, which leads us to more marketing,’ said Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the NFL’s chief information officer.”

A Castle of a Deal!

AT&T and Crown Castle have reached a multi-billion dollar deal regarding the leasing and buying of AT&T’s towers.

Crown Castle agreed to lease and buy 9,700 of AT&T’s towers for $4.85 billion. The agreement states that Crown Castle will buy 600 outright towers and lease 9,100 with the option to buy them at the end of the 28 year lease term for $4.2 billion.

Why did AT&T agree to this monster deal?

According to an article on Bloomberg.com, “The industry shift is similar to the move by corporations to sell office buildings and lease them back from real-estate companies. Tower operators can lease space on their sites to multiple carriers to squeeze more profit out of the assets.”

Crown Castle was pleased with the deal. According to a statement from Crown Castle CEO, Ben Moreland, “We are very pleased with our agreement with AT&T, which strengthens our position as the largest provider of shared wireless infrastructure in the U.S.”

What does all this mean for antenna concealment?

It means AT&T will have more money to spend and more flexibility to upgrade their equipment and add new equipment. Many times these upgrades involve larger equipment which results in the need for new concealment.



Playing on the Roof

STEALTH loves playing on the roof.

Check out this new rooftop concealment project we recently completed in Washington, DC.

STEALTH designed and fabricated two parapet gable screenwall concealments, as well as, parapet wall section replacements.

Below is a snapshot of the rooftop concealment that we designed. STEALTH re-used the existing gable roof, as well as, provided panels and a window trim to match the existing building.


rooftop concealment


Here is the finished product! Most people passing by would probably never guess there are antennas on this rooftop.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Difference Between Try and Triumph

The difference between “try” and “triumph” is just a little “umph”. – Bonnie Przybylski

Here at STEALTH® we believe wholeheartedly in going that extra step for our customers. We believe in putting a lot of “umph” into what we do.

Whether you are fixing an old site, or building a brand new site, we want to make sure your site is up and running as fast as possible. We want to ensure that you experience no delays due to STEALTH. Even if you are running behind due to other factors, we will put that extra “umph” in to ensure your site gets delivered on time.

After all, you can’t be First in Concealment™ without being triumphant a time or two.

Stay Hidden My Friends!

Have you seen the World’s Most Interesting Concealment Man?

He once beat a gecko, in a hiding contest.

He builds towers, just because he’s bored.

He has unanimously won the best concealment for 20 years straight.

He once concealed his own sore thumb.

He’s concealed concealments.

He’s been described by many as a master magician.

He doesn’t plant trees, he makes them!

He is the World’s Most Interesting Concealment Man!

rooftop concealments

Still Using Ugly Steel Towers?

Use STEALTH to hide your skysore!

Why have this…

cell tower


When you can have this?

  tower concealment


STEALTH specializes in tower concealments, taking your unsightly steel tower into a showpiece worth bragging about. From clock towers, to bell towers, to a tower to fit virtually any setting. If you think it, STEALTH can design and manufacture it.

STEALTH can assist you from the very beginning through the use of our photo simulations, concept designs, and samples. We can help get you through zoning and into construction faster than ever before!

Skysore no more!

We Cover Wireless…So Wireless Can Cover You!

When many people think of concealment, they think of the trees and poles. What many people do not know is that STEALTH can also manufacture silos, steeples, and custom rooftop concealments.

Sometimes a flagpole, tree, or a clock tower concealment doesn’t blend in with the rural landscape. Just because you may live out in the country, doesn’t mean you do not need wireless service. Why not cover those wireless antennas with an aesthetically pleasing rural silo concealment?

Here is an example of a silo STEALTH recently completed in Kingsville, MD. The silo measures 99′-0″ tall and has a 20′-0″ diameter. The silo blends perfectly in with the landscape. Most would never even guess it was a cell tower.

Silo Concealment