NJ Church is Thankful for a New Steeple

With Thanksgiving just a day away, one New Jersey church will be thankful to have a new steeple concealment.

STEALTH is currently fabricating a new 17′-3″ steeple for a church in Union Township, NJ. The eight-sided steeple will replace a steeple concealment that was originally provided in 2006.

The steeple will have a slate shingle texture appearance to match the original concealment.

Take a look at this site in the making.

Steeple Concealment

The University of FloriDAS

You can now talk, text, and Tweet a lot faster in the Swamp thanks to AT&T’s new DAS system.

The Swamp, or Ben Hill Griffin as it is formally known, is home to the University of Florida Gators.

According to an article by Inside Towers, “When the stadium at the University of Florida in Gainesville was packed with students and fans alike, it used to be difficult to share those exciting Gator moments with friends and family. This is why AT&T has installed new 4G LTE Distributed Antenna Systems and cell sites to provide additional wireless coverage on campus and in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.”

STEALTH has been with the University of Florida every step of the way. STEALTH originally provided concealments for the stadium in 2012 and are providing additional concealments for the new DAS systems. To protect AT&T’s new DAS networks, STEALTH is providing vomitory box concealments, as well as, flagpole medallion concealments.

Take a look at the snapshot below of STEALTH’s new DAS concealments in the Swamp.

DAS Concealment


Now You See It…

Now you don’t!

Check out the before and after for this rooftop concealment in Austin, TX.  The site is in a high profile area near the University of Texas.

For this site, STEALTH provided a four-sided screenwall  with a stone cap. The 12′-0″ high screenwall has a stone texture. Our customer sang our praises regarding the texture stating, “Great match of the stone on the building,”.

The unsightly antennas are now hidden from view, which makes residents in the area very happy.

rooftop concealment

Spanish Tile Galore!

Inside STEALTH’s shop, there is Spanish tile as far as the eye can see.

STEALTH is currently in the final stages of fabricating three Spanish tile screenwall rooftop concealments. Two of the three screenwall concealments will be six sided. The other screenwall concealment will be four sided.

Spanish tile is a common choice for many rooftop concealments. Many times Spanish tile is used to replace roof sections, or to provide roofing for screenwall concealments. In this case, the full exterior of the screenwall concealment will be clad with Spanish tile. Spanish tile is also often used for tower roofing.

Take a look at this Spanish tile as it waits to get its last coat of paint!

rooftop concealment


Here DAS Grows Again!

It doesn’t look like DAS is leaving us anytime soon! Distributed antenna systems are expected to continue to grow until at least 2017.

According to an article by AGL Media Group, DAS could see a 300 percent growth in deployment by 2017. The article states, “DAS will become more important to carriers in the next four years and in-building systems will be the next competitive battleground as more employees are allowed to ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) to work, Ian Gillott, president and founder of iGR, said during the webcast.”

More tenants per distributed antenna system are expected to increase. Currently there are many single tenant systems and very little multi-tenant systems.

The article based their information off a report by iGR titled, U.S. DAS Market Forecast, 2012 to 2017 Installations, Tenancy, OpEx and CapEx.

What does this mean for STEALTH? It could mean a growth of iDAS, or indoor DAS concealments. As in-building DAS grows, the need to conceal these antennas will also grow. DAS is something to keep a close eye and see what develops over time.


How Happy Are Our Customers?

…So happy they can’t conceal it!

Many times, when talks of installing a cell tower in a town start to swirl, neighbors are the first to object. However, this was not the case for one of STEALTH’s sites. STEALTH designed and manufactured a water tank concealment for a site in Branford, CT.

The site drew a lot of positive feedback from neighbors.  One neighbor, Kent Bloomer, owner of Kent Bloomer Studio, had this to say about our water tank concealment:

“I write this letter to commend you and your team for the design of the cell tower on Route 146 in Branford, Connecticut. The tower stands in full sight from our property and is situated north of an environmentally protected estuary off the Thimble Islands. Everyone, neighbors, children, resident architects, and visitors, has declared that the tower is an elegant, indeed a positive presence. Sailors on the water have also remarked favorably on its visibility.

I believe that the cylinder, commonly used for ‘water’ tanks, when well-proportioned, is a timeless and abiding form, like the shape of the silo that has graced American farms and towns for generations.

By contrast, the prickly antennas of cell towers, visible and clinging to posts, have become (amongst other types of industrial structures distributed throughout our countryside) particularly ugly and intrusive monstrosities. Designing beautiful objects in the landscape is not just a luxury, it is a cultural imperative in keeping with a civilized history of town architecture and planning.”

Check out this photo Mr. Bloomer sent us!

Water Tank Concealment

DAS in Denver!

The Denver Broncos recently completed major upgrades to their DAS system.

AT&T completed the installation providing the Broncos with what equates to 11 cell towers. The DAS equipment is all housed in a building next to the stadium. The building is now the largest cell site in the Rocky Mountains for AT&T.

The upgrades come after numerous complaints from fans. According to the Denver Post, “AT&T subscriber Ken Mendelsberg often complains to the team about the lack of coverage at the team’s stadium on game days, a problem that drains the battery on his iPhone because it is constantly searching for service.”

Mendelsberg said in statement, ” ‘I write the Broncos a check for upwards of $12,000 a year, and going to the stadium and knowing that you can’t use your phone is unacceptable to me.’ “

The DAS upgrades cost AT&T $10 million. The upgrades will fully launch in time for this Sunday’s Chiefs game.

STEALTH doesn’t like to brag, but we think we know the secret to the Kansas City Chief’s success this year. STEALTH recently completed DAS concealments for the Chiefs giving the team and the fans “one up” on their opponents. Watch out Broncos, the Chief’s have covered their DAS!


University of TexDAS

The University of Texas Longhorns just hooked a DAS system.

The DAS antennas will be inside Darrel K. Royal stadium, around campus, and even in the Frank Erwin Center arena.

The new DAS system is being installed by AT&T and will provide better coverage throughout campus. According to the Daily Texan this means, “…That your ‘Saban 2014’ and ‘Put Swoopes in’ tweets will now get delivered even faster and mom and dad can now receive your ‘I’m just gonna stay in tonight’ texts even quicker as you leave to go to a party.”

University of Texas students and fans can now rest easy knowing that their calls will be more reliable and their mobile content will now be delivered even faster.


Mobile Monday According to American Tower CEO

How much do you know about wireless infrastructure?

James Taiclet, CEO of American Tower, one of the world’s leading tower infrastructure companies, was featured on CNBC’s the Squawk Box. During the round-table interview, Taiclet discussed everything from actual cell phones to wireless infrastructure overseas.

Check out the interview here.

What does STEALTH have to do with this all? STEALTH provides for concealed towers for tower owners like American Tower. Concealed towers allow tower owners to build new towers without having a landscape eyesore.

Click here to see examples of our work.

Football Friday Update!

Our University of Arkansas DAS concealments are on their way to their new home atop Razorback Stadium.

For a refresher on this project, click here.

Our poles were installed through the medallion.  The antennas will be mounted to the outside of the pole, inside the medallion. The drawing below shows the inside of our DAS concealments.


DAS Concealment


Take a look at our DAS concealments receiving their finishing touches.

DAS Concealment