Balloons and Cell Tower Concealment?

Did you know balloons can be used to show the height of proposed cell tower concealments?

Balloon tests can be used to show residents, zoning officials, and tower owners how high a proposed a concealment will stand. Essentially, a balloon is placed in the location of the proposed cell tower or cell tower concealment.

Most recently a balloon test was held in the Bald Hills neighborhood in Yelm, WA. According to Nisqually Valley News, a red balloon was released a 150 feet in the air to test a proposed monopole.

According to the article by Nisqually Valley News, Nancy Leslie, Senior Vice President of Originiations for Wireless Capital stated that “Most people are more concerned about the aesthetic aspects of the tower than health concerns, she said. Cell tower companies can minimize the aesthetic impact by making towers that look like trees or flag poles, she said. It’s even fairly common for companies to put cell towers on church steeples so they’re not as visible, she said.”

Balloon tests can help residents see the visibility of the cell tower concealment and envision how it will blend in with the aesthetics of the area.

STEALTH Goes Hollywood!

STEALTH went Hollywood! Well, not really, but one of our cupola concealments recently finished installation in North Hollywood.

The rooftop concealment is four-sided and stands 12′-0″ tall. The cupola has a spanish tile roof and faux windows.

This cupola definitely added some character to the building. After all, isn’t Hollywood full of characters? Check out photos of this completed site!

rooftop concealment

Super DAS Bowl

Thanks to new DAS upgrades, fans at this year’s Super Bowl can text, Tweet, and Instagram pictures from what is sure to be an icy cold game.

This year’s Super Bowl has been surrounded by hysteria concerning the weather conditions. With the game being played at MetLife Stadium, an open-air stadium in the New York/New Jersey area, conditions are expected to be rough. Despite the uncontrollable weather conditions, the NFL is able to control the technology available to fans attending the game.

Michelle McKenna-Doyle, Chief Information Officer for the NFL, told New York News 1, ” ‘A lot has been done over the last year,…We’ve upgraded both the DAS, distributed antenna system, a whole new LTE infrastructure, as well as a brand new Wi-Fi, taking advantage of the new high-density applications that are out on the market now.’ “

The DAS upgrades at MetLife do have some pros and cons. The DAS upgrades allow for fans to text, Instagram, and browse Facebook from the stadium. The downside is fans will not be able to live stream the game through the NFL Mobile app or the Fox Sports app, as it would take up too much bandwidth. It seems though for most fans, the pros of the DAS upgrade outweigh the cons.


Check out this Awesome Article!

Are you a YIMBY or a NIMBY? Chances are you have heard the phrase NIMBY or YIMBY. If not, allow us to take a moment to educate you on the phrase.

A NIMBY, or a Not in My Backyard, person is someone who strongly opposes construction around their neighborhood. NIMBY’s tend to be a little more vocal than YIMBY’s, Yes in My Backyard, people.

Today’s Inside Towers article examined what exactly a NIMBY is and why NIMBY’s should actually be YIMBY’s when it comes to cell towers.

Justin Dehnert from 1 Source Wireless states, “There is a group of non-tower people that have increasingly grown in number and have become more aware of tower locations.  This group is known as the NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard).  They only care about the tower locations that they hear about, those that are close to them. They forget that they probably drive by two dozen towers on their way to and from work every day.  Everyone wants ‘full bars,’ ‘4G,’ the fastest ‘upload/download’ speeds possible, or simply be able to talk on their phone inside their own homes.  NIMBYs are aware of the tower-building initiatives and want to utilize the services that they will bring, as long as there is not a tower located near them.”

Click here to read the whole article.

Omaha! Omaha!

Omaha is becoming a popular place, especially since Peyton Manning started yelling the name during his snap counts on the field. Peyton Manning isn’t the only one yelling about Omaha, STEALTH is too.

It was recently announced that two popular venues in Omaha would be receiving new distributed antenna systems. CenturyLink Center and TD Ameritrade Park are both adding DAS.

According to an article by KETV Omaha, “By the end of January, concert and sporting-event goers will be able to get 4G service. Service will extend to TD Ameritrade Park by May.”

CenturyLink Center is currently home to the Creighton basketball team and seats 16,000 people. TD Ameritrade Park is most famous for the College World Series held in June of each year. It seems like DAS will be in place for this year’s games.

Hello Montgomery!

Did you know every request to build a cell tower in Montgomery, AL must go to a Transmissions Facilities Coordinating Group (TFCG) in the Office of Cable and Broadband Services?

The TFCG reviews all applications for cell towers. Many of the cell tower applications they receive are for concealed towers. The video below has some examples of concealed towers in Montgomery. Check it out!

Getting Schooled on Cell Towers

Technology today is advancing at a high rate of speed, and cell towers aren’t excluded. Children are utilizing smartphones, tablets, and laptops more and more in the classroom. With students and teachers relying heavily on their smartphones each day, it begs the question, what is happening to the cell towers that allow the usage of such smartphones.

According to an article on Inside Towers, “Even though technology is expanding at a rapid rate throughout schools, the infrastructure that supports it is not. Many communities are still against putting towers on or near school grounds due to possible health concerns. But if using mobile technology in the classroom is the way of the future, then something will have to change”.

Many parents worry that cell towers on or around schools will lower the community’s property values. What they may not know, is there are options for these cell towers. In fact, by utilizing concealment, cell towers on school properties could go virtually unnoticed. By concealing cell towers on school properties, students and teachers are able to use their smartphones without effecting property values.

Age is Just a Number

Let’s set the scene. You have a concealment monopole that is 13 years old. Thirteen years ago antennas were much smaller than they are today. You want to take this outdated site and equip it with newer antennas to keep up with today’s technology. What do you do?

Many people find the best option for adding new antennas to an existing monopole concealment site, is to expand the existing concealment cylinder. STEALTH is able to provide an expansion system to expand the diameter of the existing cylinder.

Below is a photo of a site where we expanded the existing top cylinder from 18 inches to 40 inches. The diameter doubled in size. The cylinder expansion allows for an older site, to be equipped with modern technology.

cylinder concealment

A Clock Tower Concealment with No Clock?

One California town has just approved a clock tower concealment at a local shopping center.

Benicia, CA planning officials approved the clock tower concealment to be built at the Southampton Shopping Center. The clock tower will be missing one key component, an actual clock. The 43-foot concealment will be built on two parking spaces in the shopping center’s southwest corner.

According to an article in the Contra Costa Times, “The tower’s 12 antennas will be enclosed by the structure, which will be visible from Interstate 780. It also will provide potential space for center merchants to place signs promoting their businesses.”

Now Benicia shoppers can talk and text a lot easier.


No Roaming in Wyoming

It looks like some Wyoming residents won’t have to worry about not having cell service. Jackson, WY is reviewing two requests for cell tower concealment.

According to Inside Towers, Jackson, WY town council has received two requests to conceal antennas in the town. AT&T is proposing two new concealments including a steeple concealment and a lightpole concealment.

The steeple concealment would be located at “the Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church, located in the Indian Trails subdivision. The phone company proposing the project plans to rebuild the church steeple to ‘locate and conceal their antenna array’,” states Jackson Hole News & Guide.

The lightpole concealment will be located at a local rodeo ground.