Even Captain Hook Can’t Find Us!

STEALTH prides itself in being able to blend with any environment, and a high school with a buccaneer as a mascot is no exception!

STEALTH recently completed a three-sided platform concealment to sit on the bottom elevation of an existing pole. Our “Bucs” platform seemed to be an odd request initially, but once we saw where it was going, we knew that it would fit perfectly.

Take a look at this picture from the school in Acworth, GA mateys!

pole concealment

Everything Gets Better With Age!

Like a good steak or a good bottle of wine, many things are better when aged. This DAS concealment is no exception.

Last summer we started grilling up this DAS concealment. Our concealment was finally prepared and served up to our customers.  If you don’t recall, this DAS concealment is located in a prominent hotel in downtown Atlanta, GA. We prepared side mounted boxes to hide the iDAS throughout the hotel. We hit a few delays a long the way, but each delay only made our project better.

Check out the completed site below!

DAS Concealment

What’s Up with the STEALTH Team?

The STEALTH Team has started the year of with a bang!

We are working hard to ensure that every concealment is delivered on time and meets the expectations of our customers.

In order to ensure every concealment exceeds expectations and stay First in Concealment™, we must continuously undergo training. This training includes both technical training and safety training. We want to make sure our team knows the ins and outs of everything concealment. We also want to continue making concealments in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Check out photos from this week’s training sessions. The STEALTH team learned everything there was to know about monopoles including every nut and bolt. Lead by our Fabrication Forman, the STEALTH team also learned the latest and greatest safety techniques.

monopole concealmentrooftop concealment

Sweet Home Alabama!

What is one thing that Auburn fans and the University of Alabama fans can agree on? They want better wireless coverage in their state.

Verizon heard their demands and installed 70 new cell sites in Alabama in 2013. In an article by Inside Towers, Verizon’s President of the Georgia/Alabama Region stated, ” ‘Since our company’s inception we have had a relentless focus on providing our customers with the most reliable network possible. The significant investments we made across Alabama in 2013 are evidence of that unwavering commitment.’ “

The War Eagle will fly higher and the Tide will roll faster now that Alabamans have better wireless coverage.

Let’s Go Downtown!

Can you spot the rooftop concealment on this historic building?

Rooftop Concealment

STEALTH recently completed two chimney concealments on this site in downtown Frederick, MD. The city of Frederick, MD is historically significant and played a key role in the Civil War.  The architecture of Frederick reflects this historical significance.

When designing rooftop concealments for the building downtown, STEALTH relied heavily on the historical architecture and tried to replicate it. Many times placing something new on an old building can be tricky, but that was not the case for STEALTH!