A California Concealment

STEALTH® recently completed rooftop concealments on a college campus in Los Angeles, CA.

In total, STEALTH provided four screenwall rooftop concealments for the site. Each rooftop concealment had a fluted concrete appearance.

The photos below are of two of the screenwalls. The first screenwall is two-sided and measures 4′-8″ in height by 21′-8″ wide on one side, by 13′-2″ in width on the other. The second screenwall is four-sided and measures 6′-0″ in height by 8′-8″ in width on two sides, by 5′-11″ in width on the other two sides.

The four-sided screenwall rooftop concealment was fully assembled and was installed on site using a crane.

The screenwall concealments allow students to talk and text without having to see ugly antennas all around their beautiful campus, and STEALTH was there every step of the way. From design to fabrication, we brought this concealment to life!

rooftop concealmentrooftop concealmentrooftop concealment

West Philadelphia Born and Raised

Did you know the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was born and raised in West Philadelphia, but his mom got scared and sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air?

What does the Fresh Prince have to do with concealment? Well, STEALTH recently completed a rooftop concealment in West Philadelphia. The rooftop concealment sits atop a church. STEALTH provided twelve boxes 6′ high x 2′-6″ wide. The boxes have a stone appearance.

STEALTH also provided a 1′ wide by 1′ deep by 32′ high coax cover.

Check out the drawing and photos below to see how this site went from paper to installation.

rooftop concealmentrooftop concealmentrooftop concealment

Now Starring: Tower Climbers

The Discovery Channel recently announced a new show centered around the telecom industry and tower climbers.The show, titled “Hang Men” will debuted tomorrow, March 14th, at 11:00 pm.

According to Inside Towers, the idea came from Jim Fryer, a Site Acquisition Specialist and member of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association.

Fryer told the Daily Times, ” ‘Someone has to climb up there, sometimes as high as 1,500 feet.  It is considered by OSHA as one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. It’s tough enough on a nice sunny day, but you can imagine the wind chill 500 feet up on a snowy day. In short, the general public has no concept of these people and what they risk daily so we can go seamlessly through our lives texting, tweeting, downloading Angry Bird apps while we’re barreling down I-95.’ “

We are excited to watch the show and see the challenges our industry colleagues face.

A Beach-y Rooftop Concealment

With Spring Break right around the corner, many people have beaches and vacation on their brain. As you sit with the sand between your toes, the last think you probably want to see are ugly antennas on the rooftop of your condo.

STEALTH recently completed two screenwall concealments for condos on the coast of Florida. The rooftop concealments sit on top of a condo complex in West Palm Beach. The two screenwalls measure 12′-0″ high and feature a blown stucco texture with a custom cornice. Take a look at the nearly completed site below!

Thanks to STEALTH, beach goers can take in all the scenery without having to see ugly antennas protruding through the skyline.

rooftop concealmentrooftop concealment

Say Hello to Antenna Concealment!

Greenville, South Carolina will be saying hello to antenna concealments in the next five years.

According to an article on Inside Towers, concealed cell towers have been approved on schools in Greenville County. Milestone Communications plans to build five towers per year for the next six years. The article states, “Milestone Communications offers a variety of towers including some that look like trees, flag poles, or other structures to blend into the landscape.”

STEALTH, located in Charleston, SC loves our upstate neighbors, and hopes to see (or not see) antenna concealments in the area.

Country Clubbing!

What happens when an upscale country club needs to conceal antennas on their clubhouse? Easy, they call STEALTH!

STEALTH recently completed a stone chimney concealment for a country club in Las Vegas. The stone chimney is composed of our Enhanced Stealthskin™ Panels and includes an access door and a foam trim. The chimney measures 7′-0″ high by 8′-6″ wide.

Take a look at the chimney receiving it’s finishing touches. Chimney Concealment