When it Comes to Wireless, There’s Something in the Air!

features-servicesTrend spotters in wireless may have noticed a big change of late: municipal leaders are working hard to align local laws with the growing need for wireless signal.

News from Jackson, NC relates to ongoing discussions of a specific tower, and general concerns about antennas. City leaders debated requiring concealment “to the greatest extent possible.” But colleagues considered that too broad. As a result, the discussion continues…as it has in numerous other communities throughout the nation. We’ve seen similar brush fires ignite in Durham, NC, parts of Maryland, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a Maine community is the locale of a lawsuit between the feds and a major carrier, who sought to place wireless antennas on the town water tank. We can’t speculate on the complicated case, which involves state and U.S. interests. But we can say this: there’s something in the air these days. We’ve gone from a world where antennas went up without notice, to one in which citizens express concern about what’s happening, where, and what it will look like. Pair that with the intense need among carriers to bring more and more “juice” to the marketplace, and you’ve got a challenge.

We think this is all great news for the industry, as it presents an opportunity innovate. The early days of cell phone infrastructure – 20-plus years ago – prompted us all to solve some big problems.We did, and we can again. The same skill set that invented this wireless world and systems to conceal it will allow us to succeed in this new, citizen-led reality.

Why Site Visits Save Money


At STEALTH, we’re proud to say we’re first in concealment. We helped invent wireless camouflage, and we’ve spent decades in a “continuous improvement” mode, always pushing for what’s next.

And here’s another source of pride: we’re a big enough company to serve customers nationwide.

So why does that matter? Here’s one benefit: we have enough experts on staff to send them far and wide, assessing future sites, looking at old towers, and working with customers on customized solutions. For example, this week finds three of our guys – Trey, Mike and Rob – fanned out to various cities. They’ve climbed ladders, walked perimeters and scanned stadiums. And it’s all in an effort to create the best concealment possible.

Over the summer, Trey made numerous visits to stadiums all over the country – sometimes at practically a moment’s notice (deadlines get pretty tight near game day!). And we shipped DAS, small cell and traditional tower concealments to dozens of states during the summer.  In addition, Rob recently visited a site in NY to check on the installation of a cupola concealment (pictured).

Is your concealment company going the extra mile (literally?) to assess your needs? If they aren’t, know this: we would!