The Charleston Area Considers Two New Cell Towers

soccerIt’s not too often that we hear about towers being installed in our own backyard…or so we thought. For Charleston, this month has been a busy one for zoning folks on both ends of town. James Island and Mt. Pleasant are in the process of reviewing their options for potential cell towers.

The James Island Soccer Club wants to lease 3,600 feet of their 16-acre plot to four carriers for a 180-foot tower. Not only would this improve connectivity, but it would also more than quadruple revenue for field maintenance.

Meanwhile, zoning officials in Mt. Pleasant are discussing the possibility of building a 130-foot tower at the Rivertowne Country Club. The area where the tower would be located is pretty heavily wooded, meaning that it would be largely hidden.

While both sites are still in the development phases, we are sure about one thing: we’d love the chance to conceal them!

Concealed in Cullowhee

CullowheeWhile we do love to showcase our larger projects (such as rooftops), we also specialize in smaller scale concealments, like this coax cable chase for a residence hall in Cullowhee, NC. The brick coax cover measures 120’ tall, 12” wide, and 6” deep. We’re quite proud of how nicely it blends in with the existing building!