L.A. Requires All Cell Towers to be Earthquake Resistant

CellTowerJust last week, Los Angeles became the first city in the country to require all of their new wireless antennas to withstand an earthquake.

This decision comes at a time when people are more connected to their phones than ever before. If this new ordinance were not in place, a major earthquake could have devastating consequences for those that might be trapped and unable to reach out for help. In addition, cities and businesses rely heavily on their cell service to restore their infrastructure after a disaster. Having these new requirements in place will certainly assist in communication during the rebuilding process, if and when a major earthquake should occur.

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May The Fourth Be With You!

IMG_1753Here at STEALTH, everything we do (design, engineering, fabrication, etc) is produced in-house. This means that we’re fortunate enough to see our projects come to life right before our eyes. We take our work very seriously, but we also like to have a little fun. So, while this partially completed steeple will eventually be a gorgeous concealment on top of a Maryland church, today we have turned it into our own X-Wing fighter in celebration of Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You….always.