Proposed Wi-Fi Act to Expedite Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

On Thursday, U.S. Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Cory Bookwifi-signer of New Jersey introduced the Wi-Fi Innovation Act. This new Act recognizes the need for the U.S. to lead the world in wireless innovation and technology by requiring the federal government to open up more spectrum opportunities, and streamlining the process for broadband infrastructure to location on federal buildings. It would also authorize a study to examine Wi-Fi deployment in low-income communities and the barriers preventing the deployment of wireless infrastructure in those areas.

In a nut shell, we would love to see an increased deployment of wireless infrastructure on federal properties. Not only would this new act benefit federal employees, but also those who may not have access to Wi-Fi on a regular basis. Now, the real question is this: will concealment also be required? We certainly hope so!

Click here to read more about the 2015 Wi-Fi Innovation Act.

Signal vs. Noise

Noise and signalHere at STEALTH®, we are quite familiar with the wireless industry and the fact that it revolves around excellent signal.

But what happens when the signal gets interrupted? Our calls drop, text messages do not go through, and we lose our focus. The same thing happens to us in the real world every day. We are overdosed with information, and as a result, we struggle to communicate properly.

According to Price Pritchett, 95% of the information we are exposed to on a daily basis is noise (unimportant distractions); only 5% is signal (important information). Not only that, but we are our own worst interrupters. We are constantly sacrificing our concentration—at home and work—by glancing at our technology devices. Price states, “Research indicates that most people’s attention span has shrunk dramatically over the last two decades. Some say the average attention span now lasts a mere five to eight seconds.” I don’t know about you, but there’s not a whole heck of a lot that a person can do in that amount of time.

If you want to break this cycle, focus on what counts the most. When you transform your communications, you inevitably transform yourself (for the better, no doubt). Take a note from the wireless industry’s handbook: focus on signal, ignore the noise.

Newburg & Sherwood Cell Tower Near City Center

Duke Stadium

Many cities and communities struggle with having great cell coverage. Land lines are almost non-existent. Today, most citizens rely heavily on their mobile phone to make calls, text their children and what about to call for help during an emergency!?

In a recent article by Colin Staub in The Newburg Graphic, City Planner, Steve Olson describes the challenges his city is facing with a new proposed cell tower for Verizon. Click here to read the full story.