Ever Wonder What Wireless Signals Look Like??

Photo Credit: GIZMODO

Photo Credit: GIZMODO

Day in and day out, we are surrounded by wireless signals. As long as they work in our favor, we rarely pay any attention to them. But have you ever stopped to wonder just what that invisible infrastructure might look like? Thanks to a Dutch artist named Richard Vijgen, an app called The Architecture of Radio will soon visualize all communications networks in a given location. This app would be able to grab cell signals, for example, from nearby wireless towers, and visibly allow the user to pan around the room, showing just what those signals look like in real time. If this is something you’re as excited about as we are, the app is scheduled for public release later this year.

Take A Peek Inside Our World


Did you know that silos are one of the many types of concealments that STEALTH offers? This particular silo is approximately 115′ tall, and 16′ in diameter. The dome on the top (albeit a little hard to see in this photo) is 5′ tall. While we designed and fabricated this one from the ground up, we can also utilize an existing silo; the possibilities are endless! Any STEALTH silo can be designed with expansion in mind, so if you should need to add antennas down the road, it won’t be a problem! Take a look at our Silo Concealment Flyer to learn more about the benefits we can bring to your farm!

Disguised Steeples in Seaside?

FairfieldVerizon has proposed to install two camouflaged cell towers in Seaside, CA but is facing opposition from residents who argue that their property values will decrease. Despite the fact that the antennas would be concealed inside new steeples, neighbors are concerned about the appearance and noise associated with the cell tower equipment. If the Planning Commission denies the proposal, Verizon plans to appeal to the City Council.

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It Pays to be Different

Are you in need of concealment but unsure of where to start? We know that choosing the right vendor can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with a guide to help you pick the right partner.

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