Big Push for Wi-Fi & Cell Signal in National Parks

2000px-US-NationalParkService-ShadedLogo.svgA group of five Democrats in the House are pushing for a significant increase in funding for wi-fi and cell signal in all of our National Parks. Located in rural areas, improving signal within the parks themselves may also give the surrounding area improved signal as well.

It is our firm belief that concealment and design should be a big consideration, as preserving the beauty of these parks is an absolute must.

“I’m not suggesting — nor do I think it’s appropriate — that you have wireless connectivity on the Colorado River as you go down the Grand Canyon. But if you’re on the south rim and you’re sitting on the deck of the El Tovar Hotel, then I think it’s perfectly appropriate that you might have wireless connectivity or at least be able to access your Facebook page and upload your photos,” National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said.

The budget consideration is currently set to go to Congress on February 9th.

Verizon Enhancing Coverage in Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50

Photo Credit: Verizon Wireless

Photo Credit: Verizon Wireless

With the Super Bowl just over a week away, final preparations are being made to accommodate the tens of thousands of fans who will be using their phones during the big game. In a first for DAS deployments, Verizon is installing antennas under stadium seats in order to boost coverage in the lower bowls.

“To get a quality signal you have to get [the antenna] closer to the device,” and the only way to do that in the 100-level sections of Levi’s Stadium is to go under the seats, Verizon VP Brian Mecum stated. Over 50 under-seat antennas were installed, along with over 700 throughout the stadium and its parking lots.

Everyone in anxious to see what the wireless traffic is during the Super Bowl. Mecum said they expect to see “at least 1.5 times as much as we saw at the Super Bowl last year.”

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Cell Towers Don’t Pose Health Threat

Photo Credit: TmoNews

Photo Credit: TmoNews

It is no surprise that many people are concerned about the potential dangers of cell towers close to their homes. Until recently, very little research has been done in this arena. Thankfully, that seems to be changing…and for the better!

A study by Pinnacle Wireless was recently conducted in response to a petition created by New Jersey residents wanting to know the amount of radiation emanating from local cell phone antennas.

“Regarding the operation frequencies and in the process of conducting tests, we were able to address the primary concerns regarding cell antennas. Everyone is safe. In fact, you’re more than safe. The maximum permissible exposure levels show that you can feel comfortable if you live right across the street or down the block,” said Corey Vaughan, director of business development at Pinnacle Wireless.

In other words, you’re perfectly safe, and we couldn’t be happier to know that!