T-Mobile to Provide 5G

NETWORKINGAt a time when all carriers keep jumping on the 5G bandwagon (something we’re super excited about!), T-Mobile is the latest to announce that they will also be adopting the new technology into their network.

Industry research experts are claiming that the new network will provide download speeds 200 times faster than what is currently available with standard 4G LTE. Additionally, 5G is expected to be more power efficient than any previous network. This means that 5G-enabled mobile devices are much more likely to last longer than those on 3G or 5G (thank goodness!).

T-Mobile will begin lab trials soon, although full deployment isn’t expected until 2020.

Concealed in Connecticut

Bristol--First-Congregational-ChurchThe First Congregational Church in beautiful Bristol, CT has been around in some capacity since 1747. Bristol is one of the largest cities in the state, and prides itself on its highly rated school system, 700+ acres of parks, and their ability to attract many reputable businesses. Naturally, it’s not the type of place where you would expect to see cell phone towers on the horizon. However, there’s a definite need for cell phone coverage and we like to get creative with our concealments. The First Congregational Church is a great example of that! We provided faux column boxes on this steeple that measure approximately 7’ tall x 2’ wide. Despite the fact they were installed over 10 years ago, they still look amazing!

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World Record Set for 5G Wireless Efficiency

A team of researchers has set a world record of spectrum efficiency in 5G wireless, reaching 1.59Gbit/s over a 20MHz radio channel.

Engineers from the Universities and Bristol and Lund worked together to show how a massive antenna system can offer the increase in spectrum efficiency, as compared to current 4G wireless.

Professor Andrew Nix said, “This activity reinforces our well established propagation and system modelling work by offering a new capability in model validation for Massive MIMO architectures. This is a truly exciting time for our PhD students and opens up further opportunities for collaborative research with our national and international partners.”

Coming Soon: International Concealments

Palm 2As we all know, antenna concealment has been popular for quite some time (25+ years). However, lately we’ve noticed an upward swing in the popularity of international concealment as well! In fact, just recently, we’ve been talking to people in Africa and India about different types of concealments. We’re just as excited to help beautify their skylines!

Check out this article, which details the many ways cities and countries around the world can disguise their cell towers.