Networks vs Pokémon Go

Pokemon_GoOriginally posted on Tower Power

Have you noticed that in the past couple weeks, your wireless connection isn’t as good as it used to be? The culprit might surprise you:

“I don’t even know what a Pokémon Go is, but I know it’s placing tremendous demands on the wireless networks,”

said Edward Donohue, in The Sentinel’s article, ‘Council considers removing cell tower restrictions’. Pokémon Go is a location based augmented reality game that is extremely popular. What does that actually mean?

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Concealment Artist, Elizabeth Hodges McKeever

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A concealment is the most effective when it goes unnoticed – it should be camouflaged into its surroundings. STEALTH® knows that wireless equipment doesn’t have to be unsightly. Not only can they be beautiful, but the best concealments are works of art!

At STEALTH®, we have Elizabeth Hodges McKeever to make sure all of our concealments not only work, but look great.

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