STEALTH Featured in Construction Today!


STEALTH was featured in October’s Construction Today Magazine! Here’s what they had to say:

Across the country, there are people looking at a Stealth Concealment Solutions project right now without even realizing it. That is because Stealth is known for its branded line of enclosure products and services, designed to let cell signals flow while keeping the systems well hidden.

“We started to fill a void in the marketplace, and over time concealment solutions became recognized for their ability to make a difference in certain situations,” CEO Sean McLernon says. “We do make some simplistic, popular products but we are most known for one-of-a-kind panel-based concealment solutions and rooftop enclosed structures.”

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STEALTH Concealment Snapshots

snapshot-v2-cover-transpareWe put together the STEALTH® Snapshot to showcase what we do, some of our favorite concealments, and customer testimonials. They’re a great explanation of what we do, and it has amazing photos of some STEALTH concealments. If you would like to download a copy, check out our free resources. If you’d like a printed copy mailed to you, fill out the form below to let us know and we’ll send one to you!

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Learn How Cell Towers Help Ease Mobile Traffic

Learn How Cell Towers Help Ease Mobile Traffic

Originally posted on STEALTH Tower Power

Cell towers are doing double duty easing mobile traffic – while they add bandwidth, did you know they are also being used to study traffic in metropolitan areas? Cell towers can ease more than just mobile congestion – MIT scientists are using tower data to map commuter traffic, too! With anonymous cell phone data, scientists and cities can analyze the movement of traffic flow, allowing cities to pinpoint where snags are. Concealed cell towers improve residents’ quality of life – a beautiful skyline, better cell coverage, and less traffic!

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