Time To Celebrate- It’s Our 25th Anniversary!







It’s official. It’s here. And we’re excited. This month is our 25th Anniversary of leading the industry in wireless concealment. Since 1992, we’ve been coming up with beautiful solutions to hide those unsightly radios and antennas.

We’re grateful for all of the sites we’ve been given the opportunity to work on in the last 25 years and look forward to future projects. As the industry founder, we promise to continuously strive to produce the highest quality and best performing concealment products, through world-class integration of dedicated employees, innovative design and cost effective materials.

Read our anniversary press release, to find out more about the history of STEALTH.


Making your concealment sample perfect the first time, just got easier.

A brand new SPOT demonstration video is LIVE. Now, all our customers have to do is take a few photos in the field with our SPOT wheel and send back to our design team along with the necessary documentation and measurements. We will take care of the rest and deliver your sample to achieve an exact match in our RF transparent materials.

SPOT, Sample Process One Time is a color-matching tool, a wheel to be exact, that was developed by STEALTH’s custom artist, Elizabeth McKeever. Over the years, this supportive tool has been proven to eliminate numerous samples. STEALTH replicates all different types of traditional materials including brick, stucco, smooth surfaces and tones to blend your concealment perfectly with the surroundings or existing structures.

To have a SPOT wheel shipped to you, simply email SPOT@stealthsite.com. For more information on how to use SPOT please click here to see our brand new instructional video.