Out With The Old, In With The New

This church in Mercer, Pennsylvania has recently received a brand new steeple and cupola built completely out of RF transparent materials. Concealed inside are antennas to provide residents of this town better signal without sacrificing the beauty of their church. Watch the progression video here.

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Are Cellular Towers REALLY Bad For You?

STEALTH®’s business depends on the fact that macro cell towers, small cell and DAS systems are continuously in need. Now more than ever, with the increased usage of smart phones and tablets, new towers are going up across the country.

With the addition of these cell towers, there has been more and more talk on whether or not cellular phone towers are harmful to humans (research points to no), but before we get into that, let’s first discuss how these towers work.

Base stations can come in way of a tower concealed by a silo or a smaller micro site in the form of side mounted box, chimney, etc. but their main functions are the same regardless of shape or size. Cell phones communicate with nearby towers through radiofrequency waves, a form of non-ionizing radiation such as microwaves, FM radio waves and visible light. When you make a call on your cell phone, the signal is sent to the nearest base station antenna and responds to this signal by assigning it to an available radiofrequency channel. From there the RF waves transfer voice information and signals are sent to a switching center, eventually making it to the final destination. It seems like such a long, complicated process when in reality it takes just a second or two.

As for the health concerns, there are residents in towns who have concerns about the repercussions of these towers being put up near their neighborhoods. We pulled some information together from three reputable sources to give a few facts on why cellular towers should not be feared.

The United States Federal Communications Commission has said the following about cell phone towers near homes or schools. “Radiofrequency emissions from antennas used for cellular and PCS [personal communications service] transmissions result in exposure levels on the ground that are typically thousands of times below safety limits. These safety limits were adopted by the FCC based on the recommendations of expert organizations and endorsed by agencies of the Federal Government responsible for health and safety. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that such towers could constitute a potential health hazard to nearby residents or students.”

According to the American Cancer Society, “At very high levels, RF waves can heat up body tissues. (This is the basis for how microwave ovens work.) But the levels of energy use by cell phones and towers are much lower and well below the recommended limits.” Most towers are between heights of 50 to 200 feet. At those heights, the level of exposure to radio waves at ground level is very low compared to the level close to the antenna.

Inside Towers reported that, Dr. Rodney Croft, a specialist from the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) organization, spoke out last Thursday at the Phillippine Telecoms Summit aiming to set the record straight that cell towers are not detrimental to the health of homeowners, according to Inquirer.net. He is an expert on the delineation of human brain function as affected by agents such as radiation, drugs and RF transmissions. ICNIRP guidelines establish basic safety limits determining the lowest value of radio frequency (RF) radiation that would affect human health, establishing there has been no recorded evidence of adverse effects from being near a cell tower.

What are your thoughts on cellular towers? Do you feel comfortable with these being installed in your towns and neighborhoods when it comes to safety? And of course, we’re always curious how people feel about towers when it comes to the look of them? Would you be more comfortable with a concealed cell tower? Leave us a comment with your opinion.

Rooftop Pole Expansion

Rooftop Pole Expansion

Aesthetics are especially important when our customers have their own customers to impress. Imagine going out of town and staying in a hotel with limited cell service. Unless you’re connected to wifi there would be dropped calls, limited email access, no texting and no planning for the duration of your stay.

Check out these three luxury hotel pole concealments that were recently expanded to address those very issues. Their equipment had been upgraded over the years and the site needed to be expanded to accommodate this new technology. These poles grew from 18” to 31” in diameter. Now equipped to hold up to three wireless carrier’s antennas, these flagpoles and equipment, are ensuring that guests will have no interruptions with their cellular devices.

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