Clear As…Crystal!

This STEALTH® disguise is absolutely serving its purpose! Can you guess where the concealment is located on this beautiful church in Nashville, Tennessee? Yes, there are wireless antennas, we promise! See below for the answer.

If you guessed the windows located below the steeple, you would be correct! STEALTH® created these four window replacements, each 8′-10″ tall and 5′-11″ wide.This concealment looks and acts like real windows with all the benefits of being RF transparent. See the before/after photos below.

Check out more window concealments in our Photo Gallery!

Cubs Fans Use 1.4 TB of Cellular Data Opening Night!

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd, buy me some…well, you know the rest of the song. Baseball has commonly been referred to as “America’s pastime”  since the 1940’s, but a lot has changed since then and one of the biggest changes is…THE SMARTPHONE. As fans demand larger amounts of wireless traffic, for cellular needs and Wi-Fi capabilities, stadiums have turned to the use of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) to provide the extra boost of coverage that is necessary.

Mobile Sports Report wrote that “According to AT&T, Cubs fans at Wrigley Field for Monday night’s home opener used 1.4 terabytes of wireless data on AT&T’s cellular and DAS (distributed antenna system) in and around the Friendly Confines. That was almost 400 GB more than the biggest AT&T usage report from last fall’s World Series, when Wrigley Field saw 1.006 TB of data used on AT&T networks for Game 3, the first game in Chicago.” That is a lot of data! The reason for the boost was a packed house of fans waiting for the Cubs to unveil the World Series and National League pennant banners from the previous season.

In any type of sports stadium or arena, DAS plays an important role in the fan experience, but so are aesthetics.  Fenway Park (MLB), PNC Park (MLB), Lucas Oil Stadium (NFL),  AT&T Stadium (NFL) and many others take an immense amount of pride in the look and feel of their stadiums. Hiding your DAS concealments is a huge part of that in our eyes. Take a look at our DAS Concealment Portfolio for examples of previous projects.

Eagan’s New Skyline

Sperry Communications Tower is likely one of the most unique projects STEALTH® has had the opportunity to create. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, this new landmark is a three-legged, 179′ radial antenna concealment tower designed and built for use as a communications tower for City, emergency and multiple carriers to store their equipment. All of the concealment levels were created from RF transparent panels assembled into the tower that now stands.

The need for a concealment came when the former Sperry water tower was removed in May of 2016. In an interview with the Eagan Patch, Eagan Communications Director, Tom Garrison said, “This [new tower] really marks Eagan as a destination, with a sense of fun and flair.” And that is does. This unique addition to their city becomes even more captivating as soon as the sun goes down. A total of 185 LED lights (5,400 bulbs) were installed throughout the panels. It can be programmed to run “an infinite number” of color combinations. For sporting events, the Forth of July, Christmas or really any special event, they have a color combination or special effect to coordinate.

Check out this fascinating, time-lapse video of the entire installation process. To view additional custom tower concealments, visit our Flickr page.