Small Cell Site Solutions & Inspiration You’ll Love

Small Cell Brick Chimneys

Talk of the town! That’s the only way to describe small cell technology and concealment right now. With the demand for bandwidth increasing, small cell sites have become crucial to keeping the public connected. The key is, where should these sites go?

We’ve once again taken the lead in developing small cell solutions suitable for various locations including rural, urban, college campuses, historic districts, parks and more. With the increase in small cell deployments, aesthetics are a large, but very reasonable, concern. Armed with years of experience, we honor the heritage of every small cell location while also ensuring excellent RF signal to meet your community requirements.

Chimneys, light poles, “street furniture”, rooftop pods, and cupolas are just a few alternatives STEALTH® offers. Our Small Cell Portfolio will break down the options available to you with real photos of recent projects that we’ve completed. What if you’re not seeing exactly what you need? Give us a call at 1.800.755.0689 to talk about a custom solution for your site.