Trust Us – This Is News You’ll Use

2018 is off to a great start here in the office, the shop and out in the field for our Sales Representatives! We’ve been busy and want to give you a quick recap of what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got up our sleeves for the next few months!

Take a look at our Quarter 1 newsletter to watch and learn about the following:

  • Dallas, TX City Showcase Video
  • NEW PDF Download: Concealment Illustrated
  • Recent Wireless Events & Photos
  • AGL Local Summits
  • Sites Unseen
  • Site Acquisition Webinar Announcement


We’ve Designed & Disguised Cell Towers From Coast To Coast

“Custom” could be considered the same as “character” when it comes to our concealments. Poles and trees are great, but we really like to focus on the super unique aspects of what we can do.

We pride ourselves on the panelized concealments. This could be any one of our products that include our exclusive panels – screen walls, side-mounted boxes, chimneys, cupolas, bell towers, silos and more! The designs allow for optimum signal transmission. That makes RF engineers happy, and our aesthetics satisfy even the most discerning zoning board. But for the residents of the communities, we have two goals in mind.

  1. Communities the coverage they desire without sacrificing the beauty of their skyline.
  2. From historic to urban to farm, we strive to ensure that each concealment is going to blend well with its surroundings and match existing buildings flawlessly.

Check out our Wireless Concealments Map to see what we’ve done across the United States. Spoiler alert…there’s at least one in every single state!

Are you ready to get started on a unique site? Contact your Local Sales Representative to talk through the options today!