A Look At This Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece








Built in 1964 by a Frank Lloyd Wright student named Alfred Gilman, this converted office building sits in the middle of Silicon Beach. It is now home to designers, producers, artists and other creatives. Silicon Beach consists of several beach towns along the California coast and includes various tech start-ups and creative businesses just steps from the water.

To maintain the productivity and connected nature of these like-minded individuals, wireless site installations are a necessity. However, in order to install antennas on a building part of the City’s Historic Resources Inventory, it had to be concealed. These 5″ tall louver screenwall concealments complement the existing landscape perfectly!

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March of Towers Video Recap – 31 Towers in 31 Days

This March we showcased a tower a day for 31 days across our social channels! Knowing your options is one of the most important pieces of the concealment puzzle. While monopines and poles are popular options, where STEALTH® shines is the really tough, custom stuff! Towers, rooftops, and silos provide a great concealment opportunity in a myriad of places.

We’ve done 20,000+   concealed sites in our 25+ years of business. As the industry founder, we continuously strive to produce the highest quality and top-performing concealment products, through the world-class integration of dedicated employees, innovative design, and cost-effective materials.

Take a look at our video recap of all 31 featured towers and feel free to visit our Custom Concealments page for more ideas and photo inspiration!

Everything’s Bigger In Texas…Even Concealments!

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Next up on our City Showcase series, we’re featuring Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding suburbs. Watch our latest video below to see a few recent Texas sites.