Our Most Colorful Tower To Date

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our most colorful tower to date! A few recent posts just happened to remind us how fun this tower is. Check out the original blog post, below, and visit our Instagram to see the most recent, color scheme.

Sperry Communications Tower is likely one of the most unique projects STEALTH® has had the opportunity to create. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, this new landmark is a three-legged, 179′ radial antenna concealment tower designed and built for use as a communications tower for City, emergency and multiple carriers to store their equipment. All of the concealment levels were created from RF transparent panels assembled into the tower that now stands.

The need for a concealment came when the former Sperry water tower was removed in May of 2016. In an interview with the Eagan Patch, Eagan Communications Director, Tom Garrison said, “This [new tower] really marks Eagan as a destination, with a sense of fun and flair.” And that is does. This unique addition to their city becomes even more captivating as soon as the sun goes down. A total of 185 LED lights (5,400 bulbs) were installed throughout the panels. It can be programmed to run “an infinite number” of color combinations. For sporting events, the Forth of July, Christmas or really any special event, they have a color combination or special effect to coordinate.

Check out this fascinating, time-lapse video of the entire installation process. To view additional custom tower concealments, visit our Flickr page.

Concealment Revealed: Choosing The Perfect Partner For Your Project


We know that choosing the perfect partner for your upcoming wireless site can be very difficult! Hopefully we can help make it easier on you.

Once you’ve made it through all the planning and zoning, permits and approvals, you’re ready to get your site off the ground, but any joining forces with any partner who is inexperienced, could be a recipe for disaster.

Our newest PDF download, Concealment Revealed, digs into all the details you should know before choosing a concealment vendor. Let us provide all the questions you should be asking before making a choice.

Download here, and feel free to reach out to your Sales Representative with any questions that we haven’t answered.

Taking Small Cell To New Heights In Ashburn, VA!

This small cell cupola in Ashburn, Virginia is a great example of what STEALTH can do! The scope of this project was to mimic an existing cupola, and we did just that! The samples were spot on and the hand-painted patina even gives the roof an aged effect that matched the existing cupola. Check out the video above to see what steps we took to get from one cupola to two, one of which conceals all the necessary small cell equipment allowing this site to go unnoticed!

This Historic Pennsylvania Church Got An Incredible UPdate!

This is the kind of historic view that residents, landlords and city officials are looking to maintain. STEALTH® has the experience to disguise the toughest sites out there and we can guarantee a flawless process with our site walk and mapping services, just like we did here.

The antennas are disguised behind our RF friendly louver slats which were cleverly painted by our in-house artist to replicate the existing slats. Each window was carefully measured by our on-site expert to guarantee a perfect fit. This church was built in 1875 and has been declared a historic site by the Philadelphia Historic Commission. It would be a shame to take away from the beauty of this Victorian Gothic architecture. 

If you think this site is creative, wait until you see our photo gallery with 600+ additional pieces of inspiration.