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5 Easy Steps to Building an Antenna Concealment

So you have ugly antennas causing your building to stick out like a sore thumb and you don’t know what to do about it. STEALTH can help!

For antenna concealment newbies, here are five easy steps to building your next concealment:

1. Gather all relevant documentation for your site. This can include construction drawings, pictures, and antenna specifications.

2. Send STEALTH all documentation for the site and STEALTH will assemble a proposal to design and fabricate your antenna concealment.

3. Communicate with your Project Manager regarding color and texture specifications, dimensions.

4. Gain any approvals needed for drawings and/or samples. These approvals could include landlord approval, city approval, or carrier approval.

5. Install your site according to STEALTH’s shop drawings. Contact STEALTH if you have any problems or issues when installing your site.

Just like that your sore thumb can become a centerpiece for your city or town!

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