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5 Sites We’ve Completely Fallen In LOVE With

February 14th, 2018

Valentine’s Day has us feeling a little sentimental today, so we’ve asked a few members of the STEALTH® team what sites they’ve fallen head over heels for! Why not look back on some of our favorite projects and share our love for them? See which sites were their favorites and why they’re so special to us!

1. Eagan Sperry – Eagan, MN


This very special, 179′ tall tower, has held the #1 spot in the hearts of many of our team members for the past year. The reason is pretty obvious! This tower contains a total of 185 LED lights (5,400 bulbs) that were installed throughout the panels. Programmed to run an infinite amount of color combinations, it can color coordinate with any holiday, special event or Michigan team win.

2. American School For The Deaf – West Hartford, CT


A custom tower that truly is perfect for its location. The tower is 268′ tall, houses three carrier antennas and even the clocks are custom! The numbers  on the faces are the hand signs actually used in sign language. Perfect for the students who will be reading it! It’s amazing that we can still surprise and delight our customers!

3. SAL Crossing – Riverton, UT


This faux wood water tank could fool anyone! Not only is is not real wood, but would you believe it was hand-painted by our incredible in-house artists. The water tank stands 80′ tall and measures approximately 18′ in diameter!

4. Quinnipiac University – Hamden, CT


A super unique octagonal rooftop concealment is made up of RF friendly brick, tiling and corbels. A perfect match for the very unique architecture of the existing building. This stunning rooftop is 36.5′ long x 26′ wide x 10′ tall. We always love when we can help ensure that a campus stays beautiful and concealed.

5. Neptune – Newport, KY


These two rooftop replacements do more than just hide antennas. The original, historical design of this building was restored with these additions. The RF friendly slate shingle and design were based on the original architecture.

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