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5G: Are We Ready?

Wireless 5G is coming, there’s no doubt about that. But what exactly does that mean, and is the Wireless Industry ready for it? As the world’s most innovative companies gathered together at this year’s Mobile World Congress, there was no denying that 5G was the topic on everyone’s mind.

“I always get excited when I think about what is next. 5G is going up the most compelling what’s next we have seen in a long time,” Gary Davis, Intel Security’s chief consumer security evangelist, told ABC News. “You can run wild when you think of the ability to connect all these devices and have zero latency. It’s an exciting time.”

So once we have it, what are we going to be able to DO with it? The possibilities are infinite. In all reality, this could affect our lives in a big way, as wireless speeds will operate at a speed that until very recently, we could only imagine. Just think of what could be possible if your phone, car, or ATM operated at a rate 1000 times faster than it does now.

The bigger question is this: are we ready? T-Mobile Chief Technology Office, Neville Ray says, “The industry standards don’t even exist for 5G yet, but if you look at what T-Mobile has being doing to give customers an advanced LTE experience (a prerequisite to 5G), you’ll see that we fully intend to bring 5G to the market in a very real way when the time comes.” Only time will tell of course, but we’re certainly excited to find out what this new technology has in store for us.

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