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About Raycap | STEALTH®

A California Concealment

STEALTH® recently completed rooftop concealments on a college campus in Los Angeles, CA.

In total, STEALTH provided four screenwall rooftop concealments for the site. Each rooftop concealment had a fluted concrete appearance.

The photos below are of two of the screenwalls. The first screenwall is two-sided and measures 4′-8″ in height by 21′-8″ wide on one side, by 13′-2″ in width on the other. The second screenwall is four-sided and measures 6′-0″ in height by 8′-8″ in width on two sides, by 5′-11″ in width on the other two sides.

The four-sided screenwall rooftop concealment was fully assembled and was installed on site using a crane.

The screenwall concealments allow students to talk and text without having to see ugly antennas all around their beautiful campus, and STEALTH was there every step of the way. From design to fabrication, we brought this concealment to life!

rooftop concealmentrooftop concealmentrooftop concealment

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