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A Castle of a Deal!

AT&T and Crown Castle have reached a multi-billion dollar deal regarding the leasing and buying of AT&T’s towers.

Crown Castle agreed to lease and buy 9,700 of AT&T’s towers for $4.85 billion. The agreement states that Crown Castle will buy 600 outright towers and lease 9,100 with the option to buy them at the end of the 28 year lease term for $4.2 billion.

Why did AT&T agree to this monster deal?

According to an article on, “The industry shift is similar to the move by corporations to sell office buildings and lease them back from real-estate companies. Tower operators can lease space on their sites to multiple carriers to squeeze more profit out of the assets.”

Crown Castle was pleased with the deal. According to a statement from Crown Castle CEO, Ben Moreland, “We are very pleased with our agreement with AT&T, which strengthens our position as the largest provider of shared wireless infrastructure in the U.S.”

What does all this mean for antenna concealment?

It means AT&T will have more money to spend and more flexibility to upgrade their equipment and add new equipment. Many times these upgrades involve larger equipment which results in the need for new concealment.



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