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A Cell Tower to Be Proud of

Can a cell tower be an asset to a community and not an eyesore?

Absolutely, according to Southeastern Missiourian editor John Heuer.

Proposed cell towers are often slighted due to community members believing the tower will be an eyesore or lower property values. There is no doubt, that many non-concealed sites are eye sores and do potentially lower property values. Making your next cell tower concealed, could help gain the support of your community.

According to Heuer’s editor’s note regarding a proposed Cape Girardeau flagpole concealment, “The opposition claims the proposed tower will lower property values and will be an eyesore. The proposed cell tower can be only a positive addition to the area. How can a beautiful lighted flagpole with the Missouri state flag or majestic American flag, which represents every piece of history, waving proudly over a historical district that was the foundation of our community, decrease property values or be an eyesore? Most residents would be proud to have the ultimate symbol of our freedom flying in their neighborhood in this fashion.”

Contact STEALTH to see how we can make your next cell tower a centerpiece and not an eyesore!

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