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A Historical Stadium

Did you know the Los Angeles Coliseum, home to the University of Southern Cal’s Trojan football team, is a historical landmark?

The stadium has hosted two Olympic game, one in 1932, and one in 1984. It has also been home to multiple Super Bowls, World Series games, and concerts. Many famous people have step foot in the stadium including: Pope John Paul II, Jackie Robinson, and President John F. Kennedy. The stadium was officially declared a historic landmark in 1984.

STEALTH had the privilege to provide DAS concealments for this stadium solidifying our place in the history of the stadium.  The DAS concealments included vomitory boxes above many of the walkways. We were able to blend the boxes in with the historic feel of the stadium. Check out the photo below to see our DAS concealments at the LA Coliseum.

DAS Concealments

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