Meet The STEALTH Executive Team

Sean McLernon

Chief Executive Officer

For over 15 years, Sean McLernon has led STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer. Having added his sound business experience to a company that is a pioneer in the industry, he has guided STEALTH to new heights. Under McLernon’s leadership, the company has adapted to wireless technology changes, expanded its product line to respond to public opinion and worked with the top, major carriers to keep up with their demands. STEALTH now has over 60 employees and resides in a 60,000+ square foot facility, with plenty of growth in its’ future.

Prior to joining the STEALTH team, McLernon spent 15 years consulting to Fortune 500 clients. McLernon is a published author of articles that address business issues, and is an experienced presenter who now focuses on educating the public on wireless concealments. You may have seen McLernon at one of several speaking opportunities, sitting on a panel at various wireless shows or heard him present STEALTH’s Concealment: Uncovered webinar.

Shelly Eicher

Chief Financial Officer

Shelly Eicher has been accountable for all of STEALTH’s financials, in addition to serving as the company’s Director of Human Resources, for over 18 years (and recently has also directed the Customer Care team). Eicher takes pride in ensuring that figures are in order and members of the STEALTH team are prepared to support both the company and customers. Prior to her role with STEALTH, Eicher worked in financial and hospital administration for more than a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting, with a minor in Political Science, from Ball State University.

Mike Reineck

Vice President, Field Operations and Installation

Mike Reineck is a true original! He was responsible for the design and fabrication of the wireless industry’s first cell tower concealment. More than 20 years later, Reineck continues to aid STEALTH’s efforts in developing the best, most advanced cell tower concealments on the market. Along with his vast experience in concealment designs, Reineck has personally fabricated hundreds of custom applications for STEALTH. In the continuous process of R&D, Reineck has spent countless hours mining for information in the field by assisting customers with installations.

Trey Nemeth

Vice President, Operations

For over 20 years, Trey Nemeth has served as an expert in the concealment industry. Nemeth’s knowledge of custom designs allows STEALTH to provide its customers with unique solutions for any concealment challenge. Throughout his career, Nemeth has had experience in the entire concealment process, encompassing design, manufacturing and installation for thousands of projects. Nemeth’s engineering and technology background has lead STEALTH to award-winning cell tower concealment sites and patents. He currently fabricates a number of patent-pending concealment products. Trey Nemeth earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.

Ken Wedholm

Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Ken “Kenny” Wedholm is a concealment industry veteran who’s spent 21 years and hundreds of hours managing installation projects for STEALTH. Thanks to his prior experience in historic restoration and renovation, Ken is able to help us design, build and install RF-transparent concealments that blend flawlessly with their surroundings. He’s also adept at working with municipal planning and zoning boards, ensuring that our concealment solutions get the nod.

As Regional Sales Manager, he leads an Eastern sales rep force that is second to none. He’s also responsible for the company’s global expansion. As a result of Ken’s work, STEALTH installations have been built – but can’t be seen – in places as diverse as Ireland, UK, Chile, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, BVI’s, New York City, and New Orleans.

Chris Hills

Western Regional Sales Manager

Chris Hills entered the wireless telecommunication industry back in 1996 after a 10-year career in computer maintenance. His initial sales position was at a manufacturer’s rep company. It was there he sold various product lines to several different wireless entities. These products included tower top amplifiers to the paging companies, two-way land mobile radios for both inland and offshore systems. Other products sold directly to the wireless carrier included co-location accessories, power supplies, coax, and shelters to name a few. His experience selling monopoles, guyed and self–supporting, works at the ground level to his role as a sales executive when it comes to building complicated structures. His unique sales experience with point to point microwave, base station antennas, and test equipment has properly prepared him to understand the importance of RF transparency when it comes to cell site concealments.

Chris joined STEALTH 17 years ago. As the Western Regional Sales Manager, Chris’s team covers the U.S. from the Mississippi River to Hawaii. He has vast knowledge of concealment challenges and solutions that fit every municipal and geographic need.