Radial Rooftop Cupola in Sacramento, CA

Time to determine the best antenna concealment choice for a specific site? Find it hard to explain your recommendation to your customer? New to wireless concealment?

STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. recognizes that as true leaders in antenna concealment industry, we must embrace the responsibility of education. STEALTH’s unique quick reference chart clearly communicates the factors affecting concealment solution selection in the most common antenna concealment categories. Wireless concealment industry experts and novices alike now have a tool that helps them communicate clearly the pros and cons of each antenna concealment choice – to guide each customer to make the best antenna concealment decision for every unique wireless site. Did we cover all possible issues? If we could, we would. Instead, we’ve focused on comparisons that address the most common misperceptions and answered more than 25 years of customer questions.

Back in the office, our chart serves as a reference for meetings and a valuable training tool that clears the air for the next generation of wireless concealment professionals.