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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Awesome Small Cell Solution at Popular College: Just Installed!

An “Educated” Decision

Small cell technology is the way to go when additional wireless coverage is desired in highly populated areas. What happens when such coverage is required in a historic district or campus and needs to GoUnnoticed™? Our experienced team is hired for our innovative solutions that are unparalleled in the wireless industry.

Take for instance, this epic small cell project completed for Penn College in Williamsport, PA! STEALTH® was the master-mind behind the design of 6 new 25′ tall poles (including the clever benches) for various locations on campus, which fulfill the aesthetic concerns of the college. With the antennas hidden in the top of each pole and the equipment in the base cabinet, all of the elements are out of sight!

We specialize in custom concealments unlike any other, therefore our designs allow for flexibility with each and every project. If you’re looking for a creative small cell solution, we’re only a mouse click away!

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