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Balloons and Cell Tower Concealment?

Did you know balloons can be used to show the height of proposed cell tower concealments?

Balloon tests can be used to show residents, zoning officials, and tower owners how high a proposed a concealment will stand. Essentially, a balloon is placed in the location of the proposed cell tower or cell tower concealment.

Most recently a balloon test was held in the Bald Hills neighborhood in Yelm, WA. According to Nisqually Valley News, a red balloon was released a 150 feet in the air to test a proposed monopole.

According to the article by Nisqually Valley News, Nancy Leslie, Senior Vice President of Originiations for Wireless Capital stated that “Most people are more concerned about the aesthetic aspects of the tower than health concerns, she said. Cell tower companies can minimize the aesthetic impact by making towers that look like trees or flag poles, she said. It’s even fairly common for companies to put cell towers on church steeples so they’re not as visible, she said.”

Balloon tests can help residents see the visibility of the cell tower concealment and envision how it will blend in with the aesthetics of the area.

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