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Big Changes in the Cell Tower Industry

CellTowerAccording to a recent article by RCR Wireless News, the cell tower industry is in the process of going through some major changes. Here’s the rundown on 3 of those changes:

There are 5 companies that own most of the towers in the U.S. Out of the 150,000 wireless towers that are installed today, approx. 100,000 of those are owned by American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications, U.S. Cellular and Vertical Bridge. The biggest changes have come from Verizon & AT&T, who have sold a large number of towers to American Tower and Crown Castle respectively.

Carriers and tower owners are taking a closer look at the qualifications of their contractors. “We’re more vigilant about the contractors that we let on our sites,” said SBA Communications CEO Jeffrey Stoops. “There’s a groundswell now of support from all areas for improved recognition of the problems, figuring out the solutions and then implementing the solutions, and then holding people accountable and not letting the folks who have bad safety records basically do work in the industry. That’s sometimes hard and that’s not anybody’s first choice but sometimes it has to be done.”

Wireless training programs are being implemented by the federal government. The Department of Labor has allocated almost $6 million for wireless training programs. “The White House sees broadband as having a special role in economic development because every industry depends upon it,” said PCIA CEO Jonathan Adelstein.

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