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Black Cloth Concealment?

How do you install DAS when your venue, just doesn’t allow for it? You get creative.

The University of California’s Memorial Stadium is in the process of designing a unique DAS system to deliver cell and Wi-Fi service to the stadium. Memorial Stadium is designed as bowl making any upgrades difficult.

According to Mobile Sports Report, “Right now, the wireless experience inside Memorial isn’t cutting edge. Basically a big concrete bowl filled with seats, Memorial has none of the overhanging levels that allow you to more easily attach antennas underneath, be they Wi-Fi access points or the small antennas used in DAS deployments. “

Currently, Memorial Stadium is having to use COWs, or Cell on Wheels, to deliver cell service to the stadium. The COWs, are disguised with a black cloth for now. Once more permanent DAS antennas are installed, concealments can be built around them.


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