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CES Recap: Products You’ll Want and Love and What Was Missing

With all the buzz in Vegas at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week, we’re being reminded about the concealments we’ve built in the area, along with just how much signal it takes to keep a venue of that size connected. Where there is a large crowd, there is a lot of data being consumed!

Cox Communications was the infrastructure supplier for this “techy” tradeshow. Inside Towers reported that CES 2017 showed more than 6.4 terabytes of data was used on their wifi network at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This included activity from approximately 200,000 connected devices and we wouldn’t be surprised if 2018 tops those numbers.

With CES being the launch stage for most new electronics on the market, it only makes sense that one of the biggest topics in the wireless world would be discussed, but not as much as was anticipated. Venture Beat mentioned last week that 5G isn’t dominating CES 2018, but will rule CES 2019, stating that “the hardware is simply not ready yet. But it will be soon.” Looks like we’ll have to wait until next year to see that technology fully in action.

Did you go to CES 2018? What were your favorite products? We’ve seen everything from virtual reality headsets and google assistants with built-in displays to bigger and better TV’s & refrigerators. The better question is…what will you consider purchasing? Find a great list from USA Today on 10 Products from CES 2018 [they] Would Buy Today.



Oh What Fun It Is To Hide…

As the year comes quickly to a close, we have one more Quarterly Newsletter to send your way. We’re not sure how 2017 went by so fast, but as we’re looking back on all of the projects completed throughout the last 12 months, we’re reminded how thankful we are  to our customers and team members.

Take a look at our final newsletter of the year to read, watch and learn about the following:

  • The STEALTH® Christmas Video
  • Charleston, S.C. Showcase Video
  • AGL 5G Feature
  • Quarter 4 Events
  • Recent Completed Site Photos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2018!


A Recap Of Our 2017 Projects In One Amazing Video

Our team has been working hard this year to knock out hundreds of concealments to be shipped and installed across the world. As the holiday season is upon us, we tend to look back on the year and all we’ve accomplished. We want to say thank you! Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your concealments and thank you to our employees for the hard work and dedication. We hope we’ve brought you some joy this year!

For a recap of the amazing sites we’ve completed in the past year, watch our holiday video! Merry Christmas from all of us at STEALTH®!

Our Very First City Showcase, Charming Charleston, South Carolina

At the end of the day, our goal is to protect skylines from obtrusive wireless installations.  We design and builds sites across the United States, but we want to share the communities that these projects end up residing in. After all, our goal is to protect your skyline by disguising wireless antennas. For our first video in our brand new “City Spotlight” series, meet Charleston, SC and the tri-county areas. Charleston is our hometown, where we work, where we live. Check out the video. To view more site installations across our beautiful country, view our Wireless Concealment Map.

Featured Site: One-of-a-Kind Installation in Jackson Hole!

Concealment Delivered Right

In recent years, the town of Jackson, Wyoming has been under-served as far as wireless needs go. In order to approve a new cell tower, Jackson city planners wanted something special to compliment their charming, downtown aesthetic. For the wireless provider, this means having to design and build something to perfection. That’s where we add value.

STEALTH® has the experience and cutting edge materials to conquer projects just like this one and get you online quickly! To guarantee project success, we schedule pre-construction calls, submit drawings and material samples for approval and guide our clients every step of the way! This unique 55′ tall bell tower created for Atlas Towers happens to be one of the tallest structures in town now, but with looks this good, it is a benefit that it will not go unnoticed. 

Have a tough site and need some guidance from the experts? Contact your local sales rep now to let us get started on something great for you! For more customer tower ideas, visit our photo gallery.

How To Stay Safe When Modern Technology Fails

Between tropical hurricanes, wildfires, flooding and other severe weather across the United States, we’ve incurred $15 billion dollars in damages from natural disasters alone in 2017. Even more concerning than just the money in damages were the amount of people stranded without cell service.

While our wireless carriers have done everything they can to keep us connected, mother nature sometimes has other plans. Puerto Rico, for example, saw a majority of their cell towers go down due to hurricane-force winds from two major storms. When cell service went down, the number of “missing” people were very high for the simple fact that communication was limited with family and friends. We’ve seen temporary cell site deployments, drone launches and generator shipments that have helped to restore power and wireless signal and therefore over time, the number of missing people has drastically decreased, but the stories of stress and anxiety that have been circulating will not be easily forgotten. It is hard to imagine the feeling of not knowing if friends or family members are safe for weeks at a time.

In our research, we came across an article from No Jitter, entitled “How to Keep Communicating When Cell Service Fails”.  They’ve brought up the question: When cell service isn’t available, can you still communicate using your smartphone? Why, yes, you can! And we want to share it with you! They’ve sourced a few applications that use Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi signal to power apps that can help you stay in touch during the most crucial times. You have to pre-install the app when you have signal, so make sure to plan ahead – safety first!

Straight from No Jitter, here are some of the more popular applications to keep you connected:

  • FireChat — since making its debut in 2014, this free messaging app has become a popular means of communicating when government entities restrict or shut down Internet use during protests, such as been the case in in Iraq, Hong Kong, and Ecuador. Messages are encrypted to ensure privacy.
  • Serval App and Serval Mesh — supported by a social change organization called the Shuttleworth Foundation, the Serval Mesh project aims to allow communications in communities that aren’t served by a mobile phone operator. Based in Australia, where 75% of the land mass lacks a wireless provider, Serval Mesh provides a way to call and text others in the immediate vicinity. The New Zealand Red Cross has been working with Serval Mesh for communications assistance during disasters.
  • Signal Offline Messenger uses Wi-Fi signals to communicate directly to other smartphones located within 200 feet. You can send one-to-one or group messages. Think of this as a modern-day form of a CB radio. The app stores messages and chats in a database and for review at a later date.
  • Among many similar apps are Near PeerVojergoTenna, and Bridgefy (and, on the lighter side, there’s even ZombieChat, a “post-apocalyptic communications tool for when zombies take over the planet.”)

Awesome Small Cell Solution at Popular College: Just Installed!

An “Educated” Decision

Small cell technology is the way to go when additional wireless coverage is desired in highly populated areas. What happens when such coverage is required in a historic district or campus and needs to GoUnnoticed™? Our experienced team is hired for our innovative solutions that are unparalleled in the wireless industry.

Take for instance, this epic small cell project completed for Penn College in Williamsport, PA! STEALTH® was the master-mind behind the design of 6 new 25′ tall poles (including the clever benches) for various locations on campus, which fulfill the aesthetic concerns of the college. With the antennas hidden in the top of each pole and the equipment in the base cabinet, all of the elements are out of sight!

We specialize in custom concealments unlike any other, therefore our designs allow for flexibility with each and every project. If you’re looking for a creative small cell solution, we’re only a mouse click away!

Contact your local sales rep to see what we can do for you!


ICYMI: Our Latest and Greatest News & Sites

We put out a newsletter of can’t-miss information each quarter! Did you get a chance to check it out yet?

In case you missed it, the Quarter 3 Newsletter is live and we’ve shared a ton of new information on everything from 5G to recent projects we’ve completed. Click here to read the newest information from STEALTH®, including:

  • Complimentary 5G Whitepaper – we’re thinking ahead to the next generation of wireless technology. Are your sites ready?
  • Testimonials – we love to hear about the experience our customers had working with us and want to share with you too.
  • Recent Events – we have been grateful to participate in a number of events the past three months with MNSWA, VAWA, MOKAN and TXWA.
  • Lunch & Learns –  want to become a concealment expert? Schedule a Lunch & Learn with our experts!
  • Recent Sites  – sharing recently completed site photography is a great way to wrap up a project. Take a peek at what we’ve been up to!

Introducing Fayaz Chunara!

We’re pleased to announce that Fayaz Chunara, P.Eng., Principal of FC Telec Consultants, has joined STEALTH®’s expansive network of representatives. Fayaz brings 20+ years of experience in many areas such as: design, engineering, aerial mapping, laser scanning, and more! Feel free to reach out to Fayaz for all of your concealment needs. We look forward to working with you!

Fayaz Chunara  |  Engineering & Sales Concealment Representative

[p]  780.421.8306 |  [e]

Find inspiration on your next project, here!


5G Concealment Comes to Life

What is 5G? There are a lot of unanswered questions still, but day by day we are learning more about what this new technology will require from carriers and from concealment companies. We wanted to go ahead and give you a little insight as to what the future of 5G concealment looks like with STEALTH®.  We’ve tested our capabilities and are ready for whatever comes our way!

In this STEALTH®-written whitepaper, we are giving you in-depth information on the following topics:

  • What’s the word on 5G? – From 1G to 5G we cover the transitions from one to another and the possibilities that each has offered.
  • Why will concealing 5G be different? –  What will you have to consider when concealing for 5G sites?
  • What other factors should be considered when designing concealment for 5G? – Application, geometry of the antenna signal, signal polarization and texture will all come into play.
  • What are the advantages of using an experienced partner? – There is no one-size-fits-all for 5G. An experienced partner will guide you in the right direction.
  • And more! – Testing, graphics, videos and sources are all provided to let you see into the future of 5G.

View the whitepaper, “Technology & Concealment On The Horizon”.