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Calling From 30,000 Feet

The FCC recently announced they are contemplating lifting the ban on in-flight cell phone usage. The in-flight cell phone ban has caused a lot of controversy in the past.

Currently, cell phone usage is permitted prior to take off and upon landing, but not while in-flight. The fears of electromagnetic interference involving cell phones and flights have been proven false time and time again. So what does this all mean?

It means, according to Inside Towers, ” If the FCC approves cell phone use on airplanes, will more towers need to be constructed to handle the influx of demand from the skies? The FCC believes that the airlines are best positioned to make the decision regarding cell phones on airplanes., which is why their recent proposal doesn’t impose any requirements that airlines should provide voice connectivity. “.  Another suggestion is to add on-board cell towers to relay signal to the ground.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we may want to question, do we really need cell phone reception 30,000 feet in the air? Do you really want to hear your neighbor groan for hours on end? Or could it be helpful to conduct business? Would airlines have to build phone booths?

Obviously, there are a lot of questions and obstacles that stand in the way of in-flight cell usage. It doesn’t seem likely that calling Grandma from 30,000 will be happening in the near future.

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