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Can you Spot these Concealments During Your Summer Travel?

Summer is finally here! Now it’s time to pack your bags for your long awaited summer vacation.

Many of the most popular vacation destinations have antenna concealment on or around the vicinity.

Can you spot these antenna concealments on your next vacation?

rooftop concealment

If your travels take you to Reno, NV look for these window concealments near a local casino.


Perhaps you are planning a mountain getaway. Look for this custom concealment tower in Mt. Blue State Park in Maine.

rooftop concealment

During your vacation you will need lodging, perhaps you may be staying at this Hampton Inn with a rooftop concealment in Atlanta, GA.

DAS Poles

If you plan on visiting New Orleans, look for this DAS concealment pole near the French Quarter.

concealment pole

Look for this pole concealment while letting loose in Las Vegas!

We bet wherever you vacation this summer, there will be antenna concealments all around you and you probably will not even realize they are there!




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